I hate to ask but..

I know you guys get tired of us asking about the age of a piece of equipment.

But on this one I am not so sure. So I am asking.

Is Unitary products a York manufactured system?

I was guessing 1994. The furnace is a York 1994.

The buyer was told 2002.


133609 006 (Small).jpg



That’s what I thought…


The 2002 provided by seller seems to be accurate.

01 date


2003 or 1981 if you go backward according to Carson Dunlop Technical Reference Guide.

If three or four letters at start, third letter is Year.

G = 1998
H = 1999
I = 2000
J = 2001
K = 2002
L = 2003

Hope this helps,

Hi. David;

Look what I found on Kenton’s site.
This may be of some help.



That may help you in the future.


That makes it a 1985 or 2002.

After I looked at my saved references, that appears correct.

It looks like your buyer was given good info, David.

Thanks guys!!

Kentons always has good info!!