I have some business startup questions

Hey guys. I became a CPI a few weeks ago and I have emailed lots of agents letting them know I’m starting a business offering radon testing and/or sewer scope testing for home inspectors. I have gotten on quite a few agents referral lists according to them. So I’m very close to opening up business. I am going to start with radon testing. 2 monitors. I’ll charge 150 to 200 dollars per test. Then I’ll add in sewer scope testing if there’s enough demand for it. So I have some questions.

  1. Since I’ll be offering just ancillary services(radon and/or sewer scope), will I need a website? I’d like to get away without one. The only thing I need in this regard is some type of scheduling software.

  2. For radon testing, what’s the best way to ensure the agent will let me back into the house when the test is finished? Should I write it into the service agreement and have the agent sign?

  3. Since I’m only offering radon and/or sewer scopes, will I even need general or errors and omissions insurance?

  4. Taxes. I’m assuming I have to do quarterly taxes with an LLC? How do you guys do yours? Quick books, etc.? Do I need some sort of “receipt” for every transaction?

  5. How do you take payments? Venmo, etc.?

Thanks to anyone who took the time to answer these. I feel this question is ok to ask now that I’m a CPI and I can get a little more “respect”. Lol.

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  1. Yes or people will not believe you exist.
  2. See if you can get a Suprakey, therefore you can let yourself in and out. (why would they not let you in? Why would they sign anything? They are not your client)
  3. I would advise e&o insurance, and your state may require it.
  4. Yes, quarterly taxes are typically required. I use quickbooks, but is not required. Talk to an accountant.


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Thank you very much Brian. If I need a website and just for scheduling, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it to pay to have one made for me. What do you recommend?

Thank you!

Website is not required, but how else are you going to attract people doing google searches. If you are relying solely on realtors and inspectors, then I wouldnt worry about it too much.

Both liability and E&O is highly recommended. You will still be making claims about the conditions of the home. What happens when you miss the crack in the clay pipe, and they end up coming back to you 6 months later?
Or what if your radon sensor falls over and breaks something?

I also do quarterly, but I use an accountant to take care of all that, and costs me about $500/year. But obviously, you could do it yourself with software.

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Congrats Jacob!! I will admit I was wrong with anything I stated making reference to you being not legit. You have proved me and many others wrong…

Hope you have much success in this field!


Thank you Thomas! No problem with people who were doubting me they had every right to.


Thanks Daniel! If I don’t use a website, what do you recommend I use for scheduling clients?

What did you end up getting, if I may ask?

I will be buying them on Sunday, new, from Amazon. I’m debating between the radon eye pro unit and corentiums. Whichever one doesn’t require extension cords is what I’ll choose.

Congratulations Jacob, and welcome to the club. :wink::+1:

I wish you success in this new career you have chosen.

I like your plan of starting slowly and growing your business as you gain skills and certifications, and develop the confidence that comes with it.

Depending on where you live, radon testing can be lucrative and you will play a role in saving lives by alerting people to a health hazard.
Sewer scoping can also be a good service to offer since many inspectors don’t offer this service yet.

If you don’t want to make your own web page, there are reasonably priced options if you want to hire that out.

Good for you.


I use the Corentium Pros’ and they do not require an extension cord. Two double A batteries last a year and they replace them when you send it in for calibration each year. Search eBay for some used units. There are several on there right now for hundreds less than new. :+1:

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Either one is a good option.

The RadonEye Pro can run on an external battery pack if you don’t want to rely on the electrical service on-site.

I have both types. 3 of each brand. All work great.

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From this week on a group home for disabled persons, with several sleeping in basement bedrooms. More than five times the EPA recommended mitigation level.


Thank you very much Bert!

Thanks Ryan!

What do you mean by external battery pack? Would I have to buy that separately?

Yes. A battery pack is not included. But for only about $60 you can find them on Amazon or eBay or other places.
You would still be under the price of a Corentium pro since the RadonEye Pro retails for hundreds less.

Thanks Bert.