I just love getting letters like these, Inspectors

Nick has his e-mail letters, and inspectors (if they are lucky) get letters.

This is the first one I recieved. Sure, plenty of e-mails, but never an embossed thank you card. (Probably left over from their wedding gift thank you cards :mrgreen: ).

In any case, it made my day.

3 unit condo building, converted from an apartment. Pretty good condition, but some silly stuff (owner “upgrades”).

The buyers had both Realtors, their parents (both sides) and their lawyer (personal friend) and a young cousin (who kept trying to mess with my tools, Anyone know how to get chocolate off of a FLIR SD lens :shock:)

I took my time and explained the care and feeding of their new digs. Just talked to them, as I would my own kids. Seems like they liked it.

Got this today. Sometimes, this job is just the greatest in the world!!!

That’s great Will, I am hoping to get one like that myself.

It was a true blessing.

I have to say, guys, getting the 2006 NACHI member of the year award was a kick in the head (as Groucho Marx said, "I would never be a member of a club that would have me as a member ;^#] ).

It was a true honor, but I had to ask myself, why. I was pretty new (2 years licensed) and though that you guys knew a lot more than me.

But this, it was well and truely honoring, and I am humbled.

Hope every one of you gets such a letter, or ten.

Hope this helps;