I love getting letters like this

About 10 days ago, a home inspector friend of mine - a two time alumnus of my seminar - contacted me regarding an issue he had consequent to an inspection that he had conducted.

He has a referral source - a real estate attorney - who gives him a lot of action. He conducted an inspection for one of this attorney’s clients and noted multiple issues with the property. As a result of his report, his client walked away from the purchase.

The seller, a real estate agent, over-reacted and filed a complaint against the inspector for his “false” report. And the seller was busting the buyer’s shoes over the return of his deposit. A real problem for the inspector.

So I wrote a letter to the attorney with an ultimatum.

And he wrote one back to me.

Just drop off a load of chinese drywall at his office.

So that was basicly a “We really didn’t do anything wrong, and No im not sorry” letter, with a “will you be nice and kindly not counter-sue?”