I like a Yes-We-Can attitude, but Obama takes the cake.

For a large corporation like GM to make day-to-day decisions, they have to scope the area of analysis, working with project managers and their key business employees to clarify the level and complexity of the business analysis effort needed to make the decision, select the appropriate elicitation technique to efficiently elicit critical requirements, analyze, break down, and refine business and functional requirements, ask the right questions through the use of interviewing templates, plan an approach for analyzing, categorizing, and managing requirements, determine the level of formality required and consider options for documenting and packaging requirements based on project type, priorities, and risks, identify which techniques and documentation options are appropriate for the various software development approaches, methodologies, and project types, verify that requirements are testable and generate testing objectives, conduct effective requirement reviews to improve the quality of their deliverables, assess the strength of the advice produced by project stakeholders, incorporate communication strategies for working with virtual teams involved in the decision, anticipate issues, think proactively, and use critical thinking skills to help make the proper decision while calculating long-term market and tax implications.

And Obama announces that he doesn’t want to make the day-to-day decisions for GM!!!

Really? No kidding?

Dude, slow down a bit. Start with a paper route or lemonade stand first.:roll:

Imagine if I, Nick Gromicko, announced that I won’t be making NASA’s day-to-day decisions. How silly.

people wanted change.they got it!

Do you know how much brass he must have, to stand up in front of a microphone with a straight face, just hours after learning he lost $50 billion of other people’s money by investing it in a company that then went bankrupt, and proclaim that despite having just made, arguably, the worst business decision in all of human history… that he won’t be “helping” them out with their day-to-day decisions?

I like Obama, but he is totally over the top sometimes.


If GM had truly done just half of what you said they needed to do, they would still be solvent.

For too long they made crap products.

Time to buy Ford stock. :mrgreen:

Someone should have told Obama that $50 billion of our dollars ago.

I didn’t vote for him! Wonder if the people who voted for him are still going to blame “Bush” for all of this. He is partly to blame as he was the first one with the first “bail out” bill passed. I think the change this country needs is for all the “professional politicians” need to be fired from washington and we need a better group of people (not more “educated” people that have never had a job-they are the dumb butts that got us into all this mess to start with)people with common sense and that have had a real job. I have invested in lead and guns.

They have 9 hybrids and more vehicles that get over 34 MPG than any other manufacturer in the world Brian, so you are making unfair statements. Besides they make what the consumers wanted. You speak like a typical Ford man.

Zero is giving them another 30 Billion after they have declared BR!

Imagine if I, Nick Gromicko, announced that I won’t be making NASA’s day-to-day decisions. How silly.

So, Nick, are you still going to be making the day to day decisions for NASA then? LOL

Really, every jerkoff in Washington needs to be canned, and the personnel needs an overhaul. Too many crooks for too long have led us down this road. Not just Bush and O. This is many years in the making, but every new guy seems to just keeping on scooping into the hole to remove more dirt and make a bigger hole. Some just use a shovel, while some get the backhoe out to do quicker damage, in my opinion.

Ian, the question is…how much longer will we let this happen to us? They know they are in trouble now…that’s why they let the illegal aliens in and are making sure the law does not prevent them from voting. They went after the freeloaders, the young and the dumb the last time around. They all shout about education, but they really do not want to educate the people, it is nuch easier to decieve the ignorant. Anyone smart enough to balance a checkbook, knows we are being screwed and destroyed at a very fast pace.

In a tiny town close to me, where they are lucky to get a turn out of
400 people for the biggest parade of the year… they are going to have
a “tea party” protest soon and the crowd is expected to exceed over
5000 people.

I will let you know if it gets this big or not… but these “tea party”
protest are swelling up all over the country.

Nothing units a people like a common enemy.

BTW… Obama has never run his own business… not even a lemon aide
stand. I doubt he knows how to run the worlds largest super power
or the auto industry for that matter… IMHO.

I am so glad I will die someday with a clear conscience, knowing I did
not vote for that clown. I cannot help it, but he seems like a little kid
to me, ever since I first saw him.

Ian, the question is…how much longer will we let this happen to ***us?

***As long as people vote rebubbakin or democrap we’ll always re-live this BS over and over. There are only two parties that bear blame and fault yet people believe that there is some sort of difference between the two. Same crap different pile…how hard is that to see for oneself?


Notice that when it’s pointed out that both parties are the ONLY ones to blame, and no one else, both sides get quiet? Deep down inside they know and are wishing they had what it takes to step out on their own and vote for independents. No one wants to vote independent because they all want to be voting for the winning team and NOT for someone who might actually make a difference but will likely lose the race. rebubbakins and democraps need to quit blaming each other and start blaming themselves as a whole. Oh yea and quit acting like the other party is the only ones at fault…stand up and admit screwing up and the people will view you more favorably.
I’ll start…I screwed up when I voted for Bush just because he wasn’t AL Gore. My BAD! See if I ever vote for either party again they are both liars and snakes.

And what would be your answer to the depression like bread lines and the suffering where there used to be jobs. Then I’m sure it would be “something must be done” or most likely attacks on Barack Obama for not fixing things.

We bailed Chrysler out years back and got our money back in 3 years. With folks like you whining all the way. If we can help GM and Chrysler make it through these times now then when things come back (as they always do) we will gain benefits that would not exist if we just let them go down the tubes.

Fact is there are no simple or simplistic answers to this mess. Attitudes of “let them go down the tubes” ignores the extreme impact on towns, cities, states and regular people. They may be satisfying (especially if you think you’re immune from the impact) but those smug attitudes do nothing to try and stave off a total financial disaster.

So now we own a large share of GM and Chrysler. If it’s successful then we maintain American jobs that can be created down the road. The alternative would have been foreign vultures grabbing up the nuggets and more of our money shipped overseas when the economy recovered. With not even the potential for American jobs.

I for one am glad that this effort is being made. Is it my first choice, not by a long measure. But I believe the alternative would have been much worse for all of us.

Dear Don,

I’ve made some poor choices in my life and and have fallen on hard times.

Because I don’t want to suffer any personal inconvenience or start making good choices I would like you to send me a check in the amount of $100,000 until I can get back on my feet.

I’ll pay you back as soon as I am able. :sarcasm:

I will gladly pay you on the second Tuesday of next week…:slight_smile:

I haven’t seen any bread lines. I think unemployment is around 9% which means that 91% of Americans are working. Just remember that FDR did what Obama is doing with “The New Deal” and it caused and prolonged the depression. The difference with bailing out Chrysler back when Iaccoca was CEO and now is that we did not take over Chrysler back then and tell them what to do. Despite what Obama is saying he wants to run GM and everything else. If he didn’t want to do it then why did HE announce that GM was filing bankruptcy? Never has happened before.

Big difference between loaning Chrysler money and a Government takeover of GM. No comparison