I love getting emails like this... part II.

I felt the need to send this E-mail. Feel free to post it, adjust wording or use it to your best advantage.

I joined InterNachi in 2006. One of my considerations was the online opportunities. In 2007 I did have a little difficulty finding enough free online education to meet my requirements. I was just looking over the available free online education. You have turned InterNachi into an educational monster. Online education is critical to many of us who live in remote areas. The closest classroom CEUs I have found are at least 4 hr. drive, most are more than 1 day. If you add up travel, lodging, course cost, and lost inspection time, the costs become outrageous. I used to teach ICC Structural Special Inspection and strongly believe in education, but it needs to be accessible, you have more than done that.

Hopefully everyone takes advantage of the opportunities you have provided. Remember, “When you stop learning, you have already died”.

Thank you, Karl

Karl Gerhauser, Certified Master Inspector
Absolute Home Inspection,LLC
HUD 203k Consultant
Phone 541-404-2788
Fax 541-269-0238

On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 2:43 PM, james bryant <jbservices79@gmail.com> wrote:
Thank you very much. This has made a big difference in my life. Once again thank you!

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 10:39 AM, MARK SCHUENEMAN <huffnpuff@q.com> wrote:

Hi Nick and NACHI.TV,

Just watched your www.NACHI.TV episode 15 and what a great production it was, by my standards. I just wanted you all to know that I have lived in the straw bale/pallet walled home for a year now.

Hope this finds you all well and thriving in this weird economy.

Warm Regards,
Mark Schueneman
303-444-6027 hm.
303-591-9841 cell

Dear Nick,

I believe everything you are offering and that it is the best package for Florida. As a State Certified General Contractor CGC1510533 and a State Certified Roofing Contractor CCC1327432, I know your program to be top notch. In fact, your’s is the most comprehensive of any of the state programs. I’ve gone through the entire licensing process twice (obviously) and years of continuing education. I went through the state program for MySafeFlorida certification as a registered contractor to provide hurricane mitigation and your program is far superior to that state sponsored program.

I joined InterNACHI specifically for the quality of the program and the opportunity to move forward into a state license when the opportunity presented itself.

Thanks, Joe Baudendistel

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 2:14 PM, dtehomeinspection <dtehomeinspection@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Nick,
I got my CEU certificates through the mail today. I love my InterNACHI patch and stickers. I really believe you are not only there for the money, like some of our other organizations, I won’t say who! InterNACHI is the best, I am proud to be a member.

Frank J. DiFiore
Down To Earth Home Inspections, LLC.




If you post something and someone questions you, your answer is just to delete the post rather than answer the question??? This from the head of the organization.

Typical Nick, He only wishes to promote the industry in a manner which promotes his interests. He will say it is the interests of Inachis members and that is often true, that is why he fought against the grandfathering clauses in the original bill. He was fighting for the interests of all the constituents he hadn’t captured in the Florida market yet who wouldn’t have qualified. Now, the tables have turned. Too many inspectors and too few inspections and now everybody should be grandfathered, as long as they belong to NACH…Oh sorry Inachi, Name changes… lawsuits won or lost this crap gets confusing because in the end it is a political game. People high in the ranks engineer schemes to get routed to payoffs. Time will tell. But as you may know Bill those diploma mill sob’s gotta go. If my livelyhood didn’t depend upon it I’d be laughing my *** off. I’m not crying yet but expect to be soon. I’m bitchin now.

Look at it this way. If he disenfranchises the inspectors in Florida, he stands to loose 10 percent of his total membership. No wonder he is lying hot and heavy.

My main beef right now is why my post was deleted and not answered. That shows cowardness.

Or stupiddininess, or thickheadidness, this guy is on PLANET INACHI and not in touch. It’s a long fall back to earth Nick. Better get a parachute.

William, again as I explained in the email to you, this has nothing to do with proctored exams. * You* are the one who used the word “proctored”, it doesn’t exist in his post.

Your fellow member said FABI has no entrance exam. Is he incorrect? If so, I will honor your request and delete his post and subsequent ones that are false about FABI.

You asked that InterNACHI not post “false information about FABI” I can only honor your request and delete the post if you can show it is false. Do you have a link substantiating your claim that FABI has an entrance exam? If not, I can’t help you.


Explain to me exactly what you mean by an “entrance exam.”

In order to become a RPI with FABI, one has to pass an exam, umong other criteria.

How does this not qualify under your definition of entrance exam.

I will await your answer. PS. you still did not tell me why my post was deleted.

Does FABI require an applicant to first pass an exam to join or not?

If we know a public claim about FABI (or any other association, member, staffer, or member of the public) is false, we have to delete it, of course. I’m happy to delete it as you requested, just show that it is false.

Fromt the FABI website:


This classification is for all persons engaged in the profession of performing fee paid full home and building inspections, after completing all membership requirements. This is the highest achievable designation and requires the applicant to successfully pass a written examination, submit proof of 250 full home inspections and one completed inspections report for review.

Oh, and I am still waiting to hear why my post was deleted.

That is FABI’s highest designation, I’d assume that requires some form of testing.

Are you able to show that your fellow member was wrong in saying “FABI has no entrance exam” or were you wrong.

Whichever claim about FABI is incorrect will be deleted.

Is it true that FABI has no entrance exam… or is this claim false?

FABi does have a candiate designation. This allows members to gain the educational experience that they need to become an RPI. They are not allowed to use the FABI logo or advertise anywhere that they are an RPI.FABI has set up educational training and support to help candidates become members.

Nick, I know you are going to split hairs on this one. Yes, anyone can become a Candidate, with the goal of becoming an RPI. Think of it as a school. You first have to enroll to get the education. Once you have the education, pass the test, and other criteria, now you are a member.


This classification is for all persons engaged in, or interested in engaging in, the profession of performing fee paid full home and building inspections while going through the process of becoming a Registered Professional Inspector. Candidates have three years from the date of application in which to complete the membership requirements. After this time, they must reapply for membership. This designation entitles the FABI Candidate to attend all FABI educational seminars at the reduced member rate, and other benefits which may be added from time to time. The FABI Candidate has no voting privileges; may not serve as an elected Officer or Director; may not receive referrals from the FABI 800# information and referral line; and may not use either FABI logo. The FABI Candidate may, however, serve on Committees. All FABI Candidates are encouraged to attain the Registered Professional Inspector status by passing one of the accepted written examinations, in which case they will have all rights of the Registered Professional Inspector, upon approval by the Board of Directors.

Thereby not a certification mill. FABI does not issue any certification certificates to anyone or allow them to advertise with the FABI logo untill that candidate has qualified by passing proctored examinations and reviewed inspection reports as having met the qualifications specified by the education requirements. This is not a game peoples lives hang in the balance when inspections are performed improperly. I know that Nick is familiar with FABI and the major players who run the organization. This is bull. I am not telling Nick I am telling you the members of NACHI. The president of FABI wrote your SOP.

Well, I was waiting for Nicks reply, but I guess it will have to wait for tomorrow. I am going to bed.


I believe you are right. I’m deleting my post.

This line from the FABI site you pointed out is why I think you are right:

Thank you. Good catch.