I like E-mails like this

Hi Greg,
I passed the electrical and building sections of the IRC yesterday. The ICC Boot Camp and ACEducator software made the test very easy to pass.
I finished the building exam with over 50 minutes left on the clock. There were only 4 or 5 questions that gave me a little trouble, but I still used the leftover time to review the whole test. I ended up changing only 2 of my answers.
I strongly believe that I aced this exam. (no pun intended)

The electrical exam was NOT as easy! Some of the questions with caculations were very difficult, but I still knew at the end of the exam, that I passed.

Thanks for all the help and support,
Mike DuBois

Congrats Mike

It is great to hear from the people that took the boot camp earlier this year and are now passing the tests. I bet that NACHI in Florida will have more ICC Certified inspectors than any other association.

Mike now has the files for the next two tests. I bet he has his combination Certification before the end of the year.

Congratulations Mike!