I may not see you but you can not hide

Found a water leak from an inlaid tile upstairs shower stall today, seller had painted over the stains and tried to hide it. Found the leak before I had time to run two gallons of water down the drain, never did actually see any water dripping before I shut it down. These cameras are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Great pics. Great investigation.

I’m sure the seller will be glad you helped him disclose it. :smiley:

Sure bet you pissed off that seller. OOPS - disclsoure - what the heck is that.

Hi Charley,

How did you come to find this area of moisture?..by simply doing an interior scan and came across this area?

Or do you generally scan the ceilings below all bathrooms (at second floors) as part of your inspection?

Great find regardless…!

What was the greatest thing before sliced bread?

Buttons on your shirt;)

I never fail to check below an upstairs shower stall to many that leak this one had a stall and a large tub with pump both in the same area and could see where the ceiling had been patched in the past, seen red flags the camera just makes it faster than waiting for the water to drip through if leaking. Used cold water about 50 degrees room was about 70 degrees 20 degrees Delta T indicated real fast. Duffy go buy a camera you will like it