Scored with the E60bx

Check out what I found.

good job, Frank. You caught a major defect that wasn’t visible to the naked eye.


Yea, so what about the Flir One ?? :smiley:

Good find.
However, where did the moisture come from?

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Check out what I found.

Congratulations, Frank!

Very nice find.

It came from the jetted tub upstairs. Wasn’t that obvious?

Not obvious to Roy he still thinks there is a demand for a blind HI:p

BTW nice find Frank did you put a digital pic in your report of the ceiling below the tub and a thermal image along side if you did not ya should have.:smiley:

Frank, it is obvious that there is a moisture problem in the ceiling, but I am curious as to how much considering there is no visible sign of staining on the ceiling visible to the eye.
I would imagine that a toilet could do the same thing.
I am not saying it is the toilet, just a comparable comparison.

Obviously, you know I am not into thermal Imaging, just curious. :slight_smile:

The area where I discovered the moisture was directly below the jetted tub. I filled the tub and ran it for about 10 minutes. I then looked into the access and I thought I could see some moisture. But it was difficult to see around the plumbing. So when I checked the ceiling below, it was obvious with the infrared camera that it had leaked. There was nothing visible to the naked eye.
As to Charlie’s question, yes I include a regular picture with the infrared picture.

Something that I do when ever I have a upstairs bathroom that most don’t take the time to do. I protect my business against those phone calls that start out with " you inspected my home on". I take a digital and a IR image of the ceiling below the bathroom even though there was no water leak indicated, they go into the report as insurance against those type phone calls. As we say in Okla I have that one headed off at the pass:D:D

Oh! You are to good to be true.:smiley:

Oh have a nice day Roy:p

You to CB! You know I’m just joshin’ with you…

That’s a great idea.

Come on Frank !
Don’t humor the ol’ cogger.
He thinks he’s a God already. :smiley: