I need advice on roof ridge cap

I’m having a problem keeping the ridge cap on my roof. I live in Tennessee & we seem to have more & more high wind storms. The roof is less than 2 years old & the architectural shingles are doing fine, but the winds are tearing off shingles & sometimes the ridge cap & all.

I’ve look on the net & I think I need a metal ridge cap that does not need to be shingled over, but I’m having problems finding info on them.

I figured since you guys inspect roofs - you might be able to give me some pointers.

Thanks in advance!

In the fine print of most shingle manufacturers warranties and/or installation instructions, you’ll find that in high wind area’s, they reccommend that the shingles and capping be double nailed and caulked with roofing tar. I do this on every roof I install and have yet to have any cap or shingles blow off.
As for metal ridge cap, try your local Building centre, or Home Depot, or Lowes if they’re near your area.

Always go with the recommendation of the shingle manufacturer. They will include recommendations for cap shingles in high-wind areas.

When I did mine, the instructions said to use 2 inch nails, and adhesive, where high wind conditions exist.