I need Thermal Image Pics...Please.

I’m going to be taking the Building Science course next month and will be purchasing the B2 infrared camera and I’ll then be getting into infrared imaging.

I would like to start my web page for Thermal Imaging and I desperately need pictures I can use for my web site (until I can get my own pictures).

Would anyone out there (who is performing thermal inspections) please be so kind to email me high resolution images of some good defects. I’d like to get images that show the area in question then next to that would be the thermal image. Like this…

Thanks in advance.

What e-mail account do you want to use?


davevalley@comcast.net is fine.

Thank you very much.

Anyone else?..PLEASE

I sent you some pics of one that was undetectable until we had a driving wind. Moisture meter backed up IR. Enjoy the Building Science Class. It’s worth the money. Pay attention.

Thank you kindly, Linus.

David, I didn’t receive your email yet!

Will and Kevin probably have a lot more pics they can share with you. Right guys???

Well, Will knows that I, too, would still like some of the comparison photos as well…

whis11 at charter.net



Kevin who?


Which infrared camera are you utilizing?


I have the red one. Most of the people in class had the SD.


Do you have a link for the cost of the camera you posted? Is the vendor giving any deal, with camera puchase, on the classes you want?


Mario posted something yesterday or the day before about the deal he got. Look in the Canadian thread.

So you have the BCAM, right?


There are no deals on the infrared cameras. All pricing of these camera’s are the same… no matter who you decide to purchase the camera from.

I checked with most of the infrared camera dealers and Flir themselves and they all tell me that the prices are not competitive. Everyone basically has the same price for each model.

I did a resolution comparison between the BCAM-SD and the B2. The B2 cost about a grand more (BCAM is about $7,600.00 and the B2 is about 8,400.00) but the resolution is much better.

See for yourself…
Flir Resolution_Comparison.PDF (207 KB)

Hi David

Your prices are off.
The BCAM is $5750 the BCAM SD is $6750 this is the Camera that I have. In Canada the BCAM SD lists for $7750 I talked to FLIR CANADA and they matched the US price of $6750 This is the deal that Linas is talking about.
You are correct about the pricing structure. Everyone sells all cameras for the same price but you can get a deal with the courses that are offered. For example the company I purchased my camera gave me $500 toward my Level 1 certification course and a free Nano I-Pod [value ?]

Check out Pro-Lab http://www.reliablelab.com/store/


The classes are all the same price also. ($1,700 per course)

I really benefit from the course costs as the Flir is only a ten minute drive from my office. A lot of the course participants are paying for flight and hotel in order to take this course.

If anyone is planning on taking this course in the near future (in the Boston area), email me the date and I’ll have a place for you to rest for three days at no charge. Plenty of room at my house.

Yeah, I didn’t look up the exact prices for this posting, I was simply guessing on the other cameras. I’ll be purchasing the B2.


Please read my previous post.

Have you purchased a camera? If not when you purchase the camera negotiate the course fee at that time. I saved $500 on Level 1 course.

I’m not seeing the discount structure on that link…


And you will not see it. Call Pro-Lab or any authorized Flir dealer and ask for a discount [upon purchase of camera]on the course of your choice.That’s what I did. I have a feeling sales are down and Flir is willing to deal.
The link is for pricing purposes only.