I need to know who can do a Wett inspection

The house is in Toronto and if you are a Certified Wett Inspector and a NACHI or OAHI member please post here( or PM me) and I will give you the info.

My client will take possesion in less than 4 weeks.


Have been a WETT Certified Master System Advisor since 1988. You can fly me to TO quite cheaply and I might do the inspection for only $200!!! Need the break; currently going 7 days/week for the past 5-6 wks and will 'til Xmas

Oh! Oh! Just noticed I have to be OAHI/NACHI member. darn!! will miss the trip.


You do not have to be a member of any association to work in Ontario. And thats a good thing! :slight_smile:

Yeah!!! But Mario has higher standards than that.


I would prefer that this inspection go to a fellow NACHI Inspector first after all I’m a member and I would like to support my fellow members. We do have a few OAHI members here at NACHI and that’s why OAHI is the other choice.

Seeing that nobody responded to this I have downloaded a list of all WETT certified inspectors in Toronto and I have given the list to my client.