I resolved a complaint for a non-NACHI inspector.

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NACHI member. All it cost him was the price he charged for the inspection. Got this nice thank-you note:

Thanks so much for your help. I have a feeling your call made the
And the check did not bounce, so bravo!

What is the organization where i can file my complaint about the realtor's
failure to disclose?
I want to make a complaint officially and haven't found an Association or
organization on line to which I can make such a complaint. This final
complaint is just that. I've decided not to go to small claims court...I
don't want the stress or money; just the satisfaction of knowing that the
realtors have been notified of a complaint involving failure to disclose.

Thanks for any information that can steer me in the right direction.

Most sincerely,
Marjorie Loring

Nick Gromicko

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