I Sent This To All Of My Contacts In And Out Of Floridal

[FONT=Arial][size=2]To All,
Those of you that have worked with me in the past know how hard we have worked to grow our business. The state is trying to pass legislation that will put some inspectors out of business simply because they have not been in business longer than 3 years I need help to fight this legislation. Can you forward this e-mail to all you know. Please e-mail Governer Charlie Crist’s office at Kelley.smith@myflorida.com
please forward my letter to her so that the Governor would consider a veto when the bill crosses his desk. Thanks for your help.


I started my business in November of 2004. I have been part of many different businesses like carpentry, pest control, and have had a solid service background my whole life. While working a full time job I joined The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. It was not easy. I studied materials on line and worked hard to pas their 125 question entrance exam. I continued to gather information to fulfill my continuing education to stay a member of NACHI while working full time and performing home inspections part time. Responsibly I carry general liability and E&O insurance.
[FONT=Arial][size=2]My second year in business was 2006. I had gone part time at my job and started doing inspections more regularly. I still had to maintain my continuing education with NACHI. In 2006 I passed their electrical course and their roofing course. I renewed my general liability and E&O insurance while working long hours between both jobs. We hit our goal of $35000.00 in 2006. In my first two years in business I had performed over 250 home inspections. I have a customer list that can verify their satisfaction with my services.
This week I left my job completely and now am a full time home inspection business. I have my classes lined up for March to meet my continuing education hours for NACHI and am excited about where I have taken my business.
Your bill will hurt my business. I have put a lot into my business. I do good work. I am trustworthy, reliable, thorough, and professional. My reports are generated in Word and have photos of defects and observations that I feel should be addressed by my client prior to closing on the home. I am qualified and always learning.
Please do not put me out of business. I am not good with tests and fear failing an exam will take away my livelihood. I miss your grandfather clause by only a few months and am probably a better inspector than some that will make the clause.
What I am asking is for you to understand that there are those of us who have worked our butt of that need to be grandfathered into this bill. Please hear me. Can you please see my side. I am asking you not to pass a bill that puts someone like me in a bad position where I could potentially lose money.
Thanks for your time.

Paul J. Magrone
Home Inspections By Paul J. Magrone Inc.

Thanks Paul, I have sent an email as well. All that this bill will do is make me spend money on training that I do not need. This will not protect the conmsumer.

Paul What is the phone Number you are calling?

I cant believe you were the first to call, please post the number so we can all place a call

I sent a long reply along with yours. I will also call if you have the number.