Florida Senate HI bill (SB-2234)


Let the games begin.:wink:

Visit www.faphi.org for our Position Statement, the Florida Sunrise Act.

Lets Get Ready To Rumble!

The mold portion of the bill is requiring E&O in the amout of 1 million.

It will not be long before the requirement is added to home inspectors.

Looks like it’s time to fight again!

Im in Blaine!

Again, Mold and Home on the same bill. Plus no “No Conflict Rule”.

Home Inspectors, Mold AND Wind Mitigation all on the same bill. Is there a shortage of paper? One does not have to look or think too far to see whose behind this.

Here we go again.

Senator Wise was approached by members of **NAHI **to sponsor the bill.

Lets see if the House puts anything on the table.

As usual I see one person going one direction and another going another way

Jay – Who were the Hell were the NACHI reps??


We have 1450 strong now in the game.

I will give you 10 to 1 that this bill will pass during the next session.

Sorry Jay

Sometimes can write what I think I am thinking

Do you think that it would do any good to have some NACHI members request a meeting with Sen. Wise??

Also would think that ProLabs would also have a dog in this fight


This time there is no fight. Now that wind mitigation has been added it is a done deal. They meet in special session again on the 6th of this month. I would bet that by the 10th this bill is passed and will become law in July.

Help me to understand what you are saying, Greg. How does the addition of wind mitigation to a bill that was vetoed ensure its passage?

Hi James,

Because wind mitigation is the new buzz word in Florida. It appears that the state wants to do away with a compny like JVI too run the program. With that being the case they need a way to license the wind mitigation inspectors. This link will explain.


This is the form that they have developed for these inspections.


Another link for info.


The state has 150 million budgeted this year for wind mitigation inspections. That will cover the costs of a million inspections.

The committee has added a new classification for inspectors that don’t need the background check and drug testing. The new group is ICC Certified Inspectors.

This was added to the first draft of the final report.