I Sent This E-Mail. I Am Sure Many Can Relate

Governor Crist,
Please help me with this. I voted for you because I felt like you were someone that would listen to the people’s concerns. Here is mine. I am certain that there are many like me that have a similar story. Why pass a bill that will hurt professionals like me. Please respond with your thoughts.

Read below regarding Florida Senate HI bill (SB-2234)
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To: wise.stephen.web@flsenate.gov
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 10:46 PM
Subject: Florida Home Inspector Troubled By Your Bill

I started my business in November of 2004. I have been part of many different businesses like carpentry, pest control, and have had a solid service background my whole life. While working a full time job I joined The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. It was not easy. I studied materials on line and worked hard to pas their 125 question entrance exam. I continued to gather information to fulfill my continuing education to stay a member of NACHI while working full time and performing home inspections part time. Responsibly I carry general liability and E&O insurance.
My second year in business was 2006. I had gone part time at my job and started doing inspections more regularly. I still had to maintain my continuing education with NACHI. In 2006 I passed their electrical course and their roofing course. I renewed my general liability and E&O insurance while working long hours between both jobs. We hit our goal of $35000.00 in 2006. In my first two years in business I had performed over 250 home inspections. I have a customer list that can verify their satisfaction with my services.
This week I left my job completely and now am a full time home inspection business. I have my classes lined up for March to meet my continuing education hours for NACHI and am excited about where I have taken my business.
Your bill will hurt my business. I have put a lot into my business. I do good work. I am trustworthy, reliable, thorough, and professional. My reports are generated in Word and have photos of defects and observations that I feel should be addressed by my client prior to closing on the home. I am qualified and always learning.
Please do not put me out of business. I am not good with tests and fear failing an exam will take away my livelihood. I miss your grandfather clause by only a few months and am probably a better inspector than some that will make the clause.
What I am asking is for you to understand that there are those of us who have worked our butt of that need to be grandfathered into this bill. Please hear me. I believe if a man has performed 200 or more home inspections that are fee paid he should be grandfathered in. Provided that he must carry E&O insurance and general liability. Can you please see my side. I am asking you not to pass a bill that puts someone like me in a bad position where I could potentially lose money.
Thanks for your time.

Paul J. Magrone
Home Inspections By Paul J. Magrone Inc.

Nice letter Paul, I feel your concerns. I am going to send a letter every other day. I feel it’s only fair that everyone in business stays in business when the bill passes. I have recently re-financed my home to start a huge marketing campaign for 2007. So far it has been worth it, business is starting to really pick up for me and my family.

We will see what happens.

Great job Paul

I think it is an appropriate time to comment that it is clearly the intention of those behind this bill to thin out the herd in Florida. “Grandfathering” is not an acceptable option to those whose objective is to significantly reduce the number of competitors in your region.

Since they have already accepted the probability of casualties, you may find them to be “sympathetic” to you and your situation…but not committed to do anything about it.

If I were a Florida home inspector, I would go over the heads of the politicians and those in our industry pushing for these measures and go directly to the people through every media source available. I would ask the consumer if he felt the need for such costs to achieve and maintain this frivolity, once passed on to him, were such a great idea.

Let the consumer, in turn, write his letters to the Governor.


Are you trying to get them to add E&O to the bill?

All in business should be able to stay in business.

I agree…but those who are pushing this bill obviously do not.

IMO, it will not be the argument “I need to stay in business” that will prevail. It will be the additional burden that will be placed upon the home buyers in Florida that will attract the attention of most people. I think you guys should at least push both angles and then, when you see which one gets the most favorable response, put your full weight behind it.

I am trying to get them to look seriously at the consequences of passing this bill. If I were in business for five years and did 55 inspections, carry no E&O and do not depend on my business for my main income I get a pass? Meanwhile the guy who is a responsible inspector that has two years in business, over 200 inspections, and this is his livelihood does not?
There is a demand for what we do. I get feedback often from clients and realtors on how hard it is to find a good inspection company. But this bill will not get rid of the bad inspectors, only the ones that do not meet the terms of the grandfather clause and that is unacceptable. If the purpose of the bill is to protect the public, this misses the target. By eliminating a lot of good inspectors this bill will actually make things worse. And yes I think E&O should be required. That protects all involved. If the bill really wanted to protect the public it would consider that as part of the regulation.

Does it mean you have to have 3 years in by July 2007?


Nice job. In the past, the Governor’s office does not read the entire email or letter. They catagorize them in the for and against pile. At the end of the day, they look at who has more.

The arguement as to how many inspections that has been performed has been hashed out many times. While you are in Orlando, you are given the opportunity to perform more inspections because of the amount of homes that come up for sale. In Frostproof, this may not be the case. It could take a Frostproof inspector 4 years to complete 200. The number of inspections performed does not qualify how well or how bad they have been done.

All I can say is keep the email coming. Make sure your message is triple checked for grammar and spelling. A poorly written letter or email speaks volumes about yourself and the profession.

In other words, a restrictive measure that restricts the other guy and not me, is acceptable…?

I want a bill that excludes nobody that is in business now.

Now is a time for all those against this bill to voice their concern. No more sitting on the fence. We must voice your opinions and concerns. Send an email everyday and get everyone you know to do the same.

All in business should stay in business period. Thats the only fair bill. This will affect many families.


Im not sure. It says Grandfather Clause until Jan 2009.
Maybe someone will explain.


You have a lot more faith in the insurance industry than I do. I would much prefer a type of consumer recover fund like they have in Texas instead of a mandatory E&O requirement.

I am sorry. I meant no disrespect. I do not know the answer but I know it is not this bill. I agree that no one in business currently should be included in the new legislation. I am sure we are all equally as frustrated but as a group we need to make as much noise as possible. Has anyone heard any plans from Nick on what NACHI has planned for those of us who will be affected by the bill if it should pass. I did not know they did not read the e-mails. I think I will suddenly become the loudest and most persistant constituent on the planet. Anyone care to join me?
I was not looking to restrict the other guy. I really want something that will work for all of us that do the best job we can and have sweat an ocean building our businesses. I know that is most of us.


Im with you and will be on the phone tomorrow expressing my concerns. With NACHI being the largest org. in Fl we should be heard.

Tomorrow we have to call and express our concerns and have our family and friends do the same.

It was my understanding that the sunrise, sunshine, whice ever bill would not allow this to be passed if it put someone out of work. What gives?

As would I. E & O should be a business decision for the individual business owner.