I spent the last day of Turkey Season.....

… with a Turkey of a different feather!:wink:

I spent the weekend at John M’s IR course in Nashville, Tn.
Inspectors and non-inspectors came in from all over the south-east (none from the Nashville area).

The course was a good task specific program with a few new twists from what I have experienced from Building Science and Level I. This is a course specifically for the HI or building manager type wanting to learn how to apply IR to this field.

IR Cam Mfg’s plant the seed of “all the things you can do with the IR Cam”, but as John points out, knowing the field and application you intend to use this technology is paramount.

You learn that you can accomplish the specific task even with a low end camera without leaving, wondering how you can raid the wife’s cookie jar for a $20k upgrade (refreshing)!

Thanks for a good showing John (and all involved in the production)!

Very good indeed. I was also introduced to a new photo software from David which is called photoscape. It is great to inlay the thermal over the original picture. I really liked the program. The course was great as well, John was a very good instructor, class participation was great as well.

P.S. I won the class in a give a way from nachi, so thanks to John and Nachi as well.

A couple of samples that I did quickly in breaks.

Home Inspection Defect Photo (105).jpg

Home Inspection Defect Photo (106).jpg

Sounds like you guys had a good time!

Were your ears ringing Dom?

They should have been! :wink:

It was good, long weekend with travel and all, but was good.

Thanks Guys… it was a good time indeed.

Most of the weekend, when the heck were you guys talking about?

Very good class indeed. David, I meant to get some of the info on the photoscape that you guys were talking about and also the other software that you were refering to. I believe you said it was Dominic’s program. If you could get me some information on that I would appreciate it. John, thanks for all of the valuable class. It was very informative and fun.



We were talking about how helpful you are to everyone and the benefits of your software.

Phew, that’s good. Thought you might have been talking about my funny hair in the last NACHI.TV episode :slight_smile:

Kenneth, David does use Home Inspector Pro. You can check it out at http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com . Make sure to check out the animated tutorials, testimonials and message boards. You probably got a CD at the seminar with the program on it.


The report writing software is on the CD Disk John gave you. It is Dominic’s program.


Is the pic software.
Drop me an email if you have any problems finding how things work, as we discussed in class. They are somewhat hidden and there is a three step process that will make life easier for you.

Sorry I had to run off at the end of class. I had a horse being shipped in from Colorado and my wife (a surgical nurse) got called in to work.

Thanks guys! You all are very helpful.

There has been several changes and updates since that version, but you will be able to get the jist of it. Great program, and Web Site too.