IR course I took

I just took and enjoyed the Teleconferenced course taught by John McKenna.
I just wanted to offer my thanks to John for doing a great job and to offer my synopsis for others’ who might be thinking about it.
It was an informative 2 day course, with many of my questions and then some answered. The explanations of the images were thorough and I found John had more than the requisiste knoledge and experience to teach this course.
Like you folks reading this post, I also tend to research things before I do anything and the decision to add IR into my services was not taken lightly- considering the initial costs involved. But after being on an inspection with Mario Kyriacou (Excellent inspector, BTW;-)) and seeing IR in the feild and taking this course, I feel more convinced that it was the right decision.
Just my humble opinion and honest feedback.

That is a great place to start!
What is your next step?

Please keep in mind that John addresses Home Inspection. Not all the other stuff the HI’s advertise on the web. One guy is out there determining dam and levy weak point inspection! He also advertises TI ans a House MRI. I guess he should have been there for the ash spill in East Tn.

You are an expert in home inspection, keep the TI in that area.

I work with TI & horses. I have spent hours and >$6k to the vet on my own horses that I use as a “control group”. I am scanning and then going to the operating room “for further investigation”!

As a HI, you must do the same.
The TI is not the answer to all. You must follow up with additional testing.
Reviewing Steve Ramose’s CD for sale, he shows a window with purported moisture intrusion. Maybe he followed up with additional testing, but from here it looks like air infiltration. Now if Air can get in, moisture is close behind.

I am not questioning Steve, but you must question yourself in these situations.

This is a “pat on the back” and a kick in the shorts to keep on keeping on! :slight_smile:

Thanks David,
I appreciate your words of warning and wisdom.
I have no delusions of my skills (or lack of) at this time.
I know the potential trap many inspectors could fall into with long term thinking and short term planning!
So I will hone my skills at this basic level for a while before proceeding to the next steps when I see that the opportunity and my knowledge have reached an even plane.
But I will learn and I will grow.

If you need any help, ask here.
There are lots of resources you can not find anywhere else.

My words are more for those who follow your example.

The new guys coming on board will watch you closer than me.

David always kicks people he likes… :slight_smile:

I don’t kick if I don’t give a ***** about you!! :slight_smile:

John, If I was not clear, I have sat in on your course and if I felt you were out of line in any way…

…you’d sure as hell would know about it! :slight_smile:

John, Your recent post (today) is getting on the far vendor side of things.

I thought you were not into selling cameras.

Your course didn’t even pull out any camera for a hands on…

Getting HI’s to buy a camera to attend your course may not be in their best interest (or yours)!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]**Thanks for the vote of confidence Darren! **[/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Just to clarify, Darren did the home inspection and I did the IR scan of this house.Darren is a seasoned HI and missed nothing while he conducted this inspection![/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]**You will not regret getting into this field, now for the next step, Certified Level1Thermographer!! **[/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]BTW I will be flying to Boston this year to take the 3.5 day Building Science Certification course, if you are interested, we can go together![/FONT]

Mario my Brother from another Mother,
I am looking at getting my Canadian citizenship. My British passport has expired and I’ve decided that after living here for nearly 30 years, I might as well become a Canuck! I’m not British anymore, more like ‘Brinadian’.
As a landed immigrant, I can’t travel anywhere just yet, but I do appreciate the invite.

I do not make any money (even though I was offered) on
the sale of the FLUKE IR Camera. I offer it to my students
because so many are looking to save money to get their
new IR business going.

If I make no money and they save allot of cash, it seems
like a good benefit for InterNACHI IC thermographers.