I'm back to being a Bull on precious metals.

Onwards and upwards!

when the buy / sell difference is what it is, can you really MAKE money ?

No, if you are buying and selling. I don’t know how pm traders do it with such thin margins.

When it reaches $1800, I’ll buy, it will climb to $2200 then. For now I’ll stay with solid dividend paying big caps like T, GIS, JNJ, CVX, XPH


Equities are going to do well for the same reasons gold will… printing.

Invest in ammunition…it’s gonna get harder to get. If they can’t regulate guns, they’ll go after ammo. Guns are useless without it!

Ammo (if stored properly) lasts a lifetime.

I’m looking for any recommendation for buying silver.
I prefer silver eagles. I looked at APMEX but the handling and cc charges seem a bit excessive.

What about your local coin shop?

Looking for 2013 un-circulated silver eagles either single or 20 coin mint direct tubes.

I have a brokerage account with Fidelity. They charge low commission fees and also have a secure storage facility on the East Coast. (Delaware I believe)

I have a Fidelity account too but am looking to physically hold some of my investment.
Think I’ll check it though, thanks Linus.

Here’s a couple silver coins that would be nice to hold.

Wow, makes me want to look in my coin jar. LOL

F that noise. When Warren Buffett bought silver… he had the truck back up to his building. I was never good in school, but I was always a good copier.

We don’t have your kind of money. You actually own a gold mine don’t you?

Several. My point was that I would never invest in PMs unless I could take physical delivery. No ETFs. Bernie Madoff taught me that. Only coins and bars for me. Silver is a very good choice right now, IMHO.

And… Fidelity wants 2.9% per transaction under 10K

Still looking

OK, so how do you keep it safe? I don’t have a problem with a couple of ounces, but when you have more than that, you need a secure vault. I can convert ETF’s to cash at the click of a button.

Hide it. Funny thing about gold. If your house burns down, gold melts into…