I thought it was "thou shalt not steal"


Are they kidding?? A building full of thieves having security in it??? As for

What do you think our government has been doing with the country’s money lately??

Probably an inside job.

Bush could change histories view of him .
He could go there and pull the sign out , while allowing himself to be arrested for it.
Then he would be a real man.

Don’t you think it should stay Bob?

If I yell fire in a movie theater I will be arrested,even though I have freedom of speech.
If you wanna bug your boyfreind in private I have no problem.
Do it in public and you deserve arrest.
If you wanna protest the Republican party you can.
If you wanna protest the Republican party at the Republican convention ,you will be arrested.

Protesting what most people believe, in a country founded on belief at the ,site , time and place where said people are celebrating the above should also get you arrested.

Freedom to do as you wish is big , but so is intentionally creating a riot.

If you have nothing to believe in , then you have nothing to say.

The point is not to pledge recruits to a belief in nothing ,so the point must be simply to disturb the peace.

Case closed .

Wow. :shock:

Wow again. :shock:

I suggest “condo Bob” should be changed to “commi Bob”.

It is about antagonising people.
Tell me yourself Kevin.
What is the point of someone going into a crowd of Irishmen and yelling sc-ew the Mics.
I know you see what I am getting at.]
Common sense is common sense.
If I was at a church service and had my daughter when young with me ,then had a guy come up and say to her there is no GOD,he would end up in the hospital.

Are you assuming that we should all be peace lovers.?

Who do you think killed all those soldiers with the Red Sea.?

That’s not stealing - that’s “Spreading the wealth…” :roll:

I agree with most of post #6 and what your getting at. However, if a government building is going to allow a nativity scene, then it should allow Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, etc. scenes and yes an atheist one as well. Include everyone or no one. Your premise that because this country had believers when it was formed means nothing. We don’t need to go into that whole argument but the point is we do indeed have a separation of church and state. The state can’t make an exception for Christians and say no to everyone else. Sorry Bob, that would be ridiculous.

I agree that all have certain rights to be free to do as they wish.
The question is do you have the freedom to do what you wish ,where ever and whenever you wish?

YOU KNOW THE ANSWER come on man.(common sense)
Yes all faiths should be able to display , so can I worship roaches and put up my plate.
I worship bombs and wish to display a message of how to make them from children’s candy.

We had an artist decide Chr-t would look great hanging upside down in a bottle of urine.
Was that cool with you?

I’d be one sad Pastafarian if I didn’t see a big bowl of spaghetti and couple of meatballs. Praise his noodly goodness!


If you choose to live in a free society then you must relinquish your right to be offended. As long as there is no physical violence, private property destruction or someone else’s life being impinged upon, freedom must be allowed to be messy, obnoxious and in poor taste. If not then freedom, liberty & the pursuit of happiness are no longer the basis of society and some form of tyranny reigns.

I definitely see what your saying Bob and I don’t staunchly disagree. You’re right, either we let the Roach praisers as well or no one at all. Christians don’t get special government treating because they are the majority. Get over yourself.

The king is the strongest and the majority rules.

Otherwise I could enjoy a cigarette at my favorite watering hole tonight.

Check your money and see what it says.

Who do we trust in?

If I piss on my money is it art?

In “a petty, unjust,
unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser;
a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal,
pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously
malevolent bully” we trust.