For those that are interested....

This link is only for those that are interested. I am not looking for a debate and I am not going to post in this thread at all. It is strictly for open minds. This is a very interesting movie put together by Richard Dawkins. If part 1 fascinates you, you should definitely watch through part six.

Saw the title and closed it. No open mind I guess and proud of it!

I rest my case, just like I said, you do not want answers, you just want to argue and impress other atheist. If there is no God, then why are you trying so hard to prove he does not exist. Judging from your post about Leviticus, you don’t have a clue about what the Bible says. Who’s trying to shove their beliefs down others throats? You!

The ChristoFacists don’t like their feathers ruffled or their dogma challenged, too bad EVERYONE has freedom of speech. :stuck_out_tongue:

Geee wish I had time to go through all of these Kevin,… but I did three inspections today,… been awhile since I had three in one day. (two would be typical last year) Actually booked the third one at the end of my second one today and started it a 5PM! I had flash backs of 2005/2006 Ahhhhhhh those were the days huh!? :smiley:

Anyways,… give us your thoughts/ view of the video’s,… whats your take. You can post them, I’ll still pray for you. Actually, a lot of realtors go to church, at least my church, its a great social place to network. Dont limit yourself to the dark rooms Bro.

Hey Peter, glad to hear you’re busy. I’m jealous. :mrgreen: It was going pretty good there for awhile then things just stopped.

I’ll stick to my original premise of not getting into a debate but since you sincerely asked I think Richard Dawkins brings up very valid truths and are very closely in line with my beliefs. My positions are already clearly stated in a couple recent threads here. No reason to re-hash in this one.

Contrary to what some may think, this link was truly meant for those that are interested. If you don’t have any interest in hearing an atheist’s point of view on religion, don’t click…really. Do they honestly think I believe I can just post a few comments and a YouTube link and magically take away the base of their morals and faith that have identified their character their whole lives? Of course they’re offended by this in your face atheist. However, being in your face doesn’t take away the truth that exists. That’s why I encourage everyone who has an open mind to watch.

While I appreciate the prayer, I think it would be quite disingenuous to go to church with only intentions of profit. Even though I’m not religious, I still have a conscience. :wink:

Why does one need an open mind to watch an presumptuous video that relentlessly insults organized religion? I say presumptuous because the bigot behind this video doesn’t present a shred of proof that religion bogus while he is asserting that people of faith are ignorant, deadly tools of a purportedly false deity. Its an insult to all scientist out there that this guy claims to be one.

Missed the point. Just said its a good social place to network. I wouldn’t go to church “just” to solicit for work, thats pretty disingenuous. Church is a community event. Different people from all walks of life are part of a community, its only natural to build healthy family and business relationships from a common social event you are already a part of. A business network group on a higher level.:smiley:

Now theres an idea to get your business back on track Kevei! Peter 3 jobs a day! Kevin’s business hits a brick wall! Makes sense to me:p

Come on Randy. I just started out. Geez.

Just kidding with you Kevin! That’s why I put this at the end of it!:stuck_out_tongue:


So …

How is viewing this derogatory video of benefit to an open-minded person?


Nick, I’m not going to re-hash the other couple threads where I’ve clearly stated my beliefs. I completely understand your anger. I didn’t expect the religious people to get a warm fuzzy when watching it. Honestly, I didn’t expect any religious person to get past the title. Hence, “for those that are interested…”

You have most of the posts in this thread. What happened to I won’t post anymore in this thread?

I hate to say it but you are making Wendy look awful good.

Yeah I knew I wouldn’t be able to help it. Although, my initial reason for stating I wasn’t going to post was to make the point that I’m not going to get into another religious debate. And I’m not. Normal response posts are all that I’m doing.

part 2. Of course, just for those that are interested.

Richard Dawkins stumped by simple question about evolution

Richard Dawkins can’t answer a simple question without ridiculing the young lady.

A brain fart and a little tough love doesn’t negate the truth that is conveyed in Mr. Dawkin’s video.

“Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts.”
Henry Rosovsky-Harvard