... They Used the "L" Word!

Just in case you haven’t been paying close attention to the election. :smiley:


Obama’s chance of winning big](http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/us_elections_2008/7681928.stm)
BBC| 10/21/08

The whisper of September has turned to a roar in October: Barack Obama may be on the verge of a landslide victory.

A year ago, no one on the planet could have conceived of such a thing.

After all, Democrats have elected just two American presidents since 1968, moderate white Southerners Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both by modest popular vote margins.

In 2008 Democrats took a daring leap of faith and chose a far more liberal nominee who is the first African-American standard-bearer - no minor matter in a nation that is just 11% black and has been plagued by racial divisions since its founding.

Yet the improbable is becoming probable.

With the presidential debates completed, Obama appears to have an unobstructed path to the White House.

The polls show he (Obama) won all three debates and is viewed more positively than opponent John McCain.

(Excerpt) Read more at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/us_elections_2008/7681928.stm

landslide victory? Don’t think I would have associated “landslide” with any L words in regards to nObamma…

Maybe: Liberal, Lousy, Looser, Lucky, Loose minded, Lipstick on a pig, Left wing wingnut…

They all fit much better. :mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

Boy Mark, chill out on the hissy fit already, anyway if all of what you say is true I’m sure your g-d would just step in and flood something, cast fire down from the sky or do some other theatrical biblical display of anger toward Obama. Face it Mark it is no longer within in your power to control the outcome of this election. I’m figuring that if Obama wins it was your g-d’s will for it to happen.

Now… What happens next? Things get a bit tough when you mix your religion with your politics and wear it all on your sleeve don’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the way Liberal has been turned into a swear word.

It used to mean open minded.

When the ignorant spit it enough on Fox news it sounds scary.

Since Americans tend not to elect Liberals, that must be the reason Dems prefer the word “progressive”. Much more positive and touchy feely.:mrgreen:

Why do you need to bring religion into it? I never mentioned that at all. But now that YOU mentioned it, if nObama does win, I agree that it would be Gods will. Because sometimes God does allow bad things to happen to good people. As for the theatrical biblical display, just be patient. Your going to have about 7 years of that here in the future. Don’t know when, but it’s coming. :stuck_out_tongue: Back at ya.

Liberal may be an old used up word! We are moving on to Socialist now, the “S” word!:mrgreen:

Liberal certainly does not fit, unless it applies to what they want, liberal amounts of free aid, insurance, money rights, and recognition, whilest denying everyone else. Besides, we need to change one letter, how about “Fiberal”.

Just to put things in perspective:

1980: Gallup Poll: Carter @ 45%, Reagan @ 42%
1980 Election: Reagan - 51%, Carter - 41%

1984: New York Daily News: Reagan by 4%, Harris Poll: Reagan by 9%, New York Times/CBS News Poll: Reagan by 13%
1984 Election: Reagan wins by 18.8%

1988: New York Times/CBS News Poll: Bush by 2%
1988 Election: Bush wins by 7.8%

Most polls since the 1970s have been like this.

The points I’m trying to make:

  1. Political polls almost always favor Democrats or minimize Republican support
  2. Political polls are almost always wrong
  3. Never (whether you are a Republican or Democrat, a Conservative or Liberal) try to predict the outcome of an election based on polls unless you enjoy being wrong. :slight_smile:

Joe, we know your great hope is, if obama gets in, then God and Christians will be silenced. You are in for disappointment.

Polls are nothing more than an attempt by the MSM, to sway the election, they no longer report on news, they try to make it.


The middle class guys voting for McCain are those listening to Fox news tell them how Obama is going to take their Millions of dollars away and redistribute the wealth.

How many of you guys fearing this, even have millions to worry about.
It is called Brain Washing.

Your life is not going well.and you are getting older , so blame it on Obama wanting to take way your fantasy life of being rich.

Wake up people and realize he will actually help you.

Even Joe the plumber is wrapped up in not realizing he will benifit under Obama.

What a bizzaro world, where all our problems are blamed on Gays , Blacks, and Abortion.

Blame your problems on rich corporations being given tax incentives to move out of the country and take your wages along with your health benifits instead.

Stop letting Sean Hannity think for you

This is irrelevant. The bottom line is that nObama doesn’t care a lick about increasing the pie for all of us. All he cares about is taking a productive individuals piece of the pie, and giving it to someone else. In fiction stories like Robin Hood, that seems like a good thing to do. In reality its called theft. Or when governments do it, communism.

Let’s just save some time and keep the government out of it.

You come up and pick my pocket.

Think of the efficiency factor.

Of course you might not get your hand back.:roll:

I like how “Plumber Joe”, who practices plumbing without a license and owes over $1200 in back taxes is the poster boy of the McCain campaign. Very fitting. :twisted:

Its even funnier that these Palin-Aid drinkers complain how “Joe” was unfairly attacked by the MSM. Give me a break! I bet the NeoConArtists would have “revealed” this and more if he instead confronted John McCain about how his health insurance plan would cost him his coverage because he has a pre-existing condition. :roll:

Get real. The story wasn’t Joe the Plumber.

The story is Obama’s admission to a Socialist agenda.

Please stop spreading your hatred of Necons around Nick

P.S. Ask Barney Frank about his unpaid taxes.

Nick do you honestly think Joe the Plumber is the issue? Surely you know exactly what it is. It is the fact that redistributing wealth came directly out of Obamas mouth on national TV. Thats the point everyones been trying to make long before Joe the Plumber even came into the subject. Now it is confirmed straight from the horses mouth. As a small businessman this should worry you! If it does not then theres nothing I can say that will convince you otherwise!

This type of excuse is what has turned me off to religion all my life.


It not an excuse but a logical argument.

The argument goes like this:

God exists and is all powerful

Bad things happen

So God has permitted it

Simple eh?