I would have missed this

This support leg was obviously cut to install the furnace in the attic. If it had been removed, I would have never noticed it wasn’t there. Since it was cut and just hanging, it stuck out. Notice how it’s job is now to support the duct work. Does this cut support post compromise the structural integrity of the roof?

It depends on what it is holding up. These look like rafters but hard to tell. Any other pictures from a different angle? It was put there for a reason in the first place. The tin bashers didn’t have the room so they cut it out. They don’t care about structure as long as it easy for them!!

My rule of thumb is if not sure if support then i say if the builder installed it then it is there for a reason and should not be removed.

What s the problem isn’t the duct ? holding it up lolol

Looks like a temporary brace to hold rafters in place till they all get tied together .
Easier for the builder to leave it there then take it out .
Looks bad but no big deal .

Funny, Wayne, but there could be some truth to that! The seller, who occupied me during the inspection :mad:, made that very suggestion. It would have been plausible, but since it attached to a common peak point at the ridge, with two other support rafters at the same angle, I was convinced it was for structural support. I wish had more pics.

I reported the following:

“It appears a support board has been cut. While no immediate concern was observed at the inspection, client may wish to seek the advice of a specialist”

Nice statement Michael. I may have elaborated alittle to descibe where it was and why it was cut out. Makes it easier for anyone looking at the report.

I usually do, Greg, but the client and seller were both looking at it with me, so I just didn’t put the details in there.

Probably should have for CYA purposes in case it comes up later, though.