IAQ equipment for sale

I have the following IAQ equipment for sale. Purchased from ProLab but not used very much.

air pump and hard plastic case
2 Radon kits
12 Michro 5 sample cassetts
sample tape
4 carpet samplers
20 lab fee stickers valued at $25.00 each= $500.00 in lab fees
swabs and wall samplers.
Asking $750.00

Send a message if interested


Just curious, what kind of pump?

Not trying to be a SA, but isn’t this pretty much the same combination that they are currnetly offerring for $699? If so, I might be interested, but not for that price. Good luck!

I never checked with the lab site, however I’m sure it does not include as many lab fee stickers.

Make me a resonable offer, I won’t be offended.

I’ve got another inspection this afternoon but I’ll post a photo of the pump a bit later tonight.


Pix attached

The pumb is Model 6025SE

IAQ Stuff 001.jpg

IAQ Stuff 002.jpg

Forgot to look back at this thread - did you sell yet?

Me too …:frowning:

nope still got it