equipment for sale

My husband recently passed away he left a bunch of equipment. i have to do some research to find out what it all is i will probally post photos of each item to find out what its worth. he has also left me with some financial problems so far i have 4 1027 radon monitors willing to sell at $450 a piece plus shipping. 1 e perm starter kit $1600 plus shipping. 1 fluke tir1 with case and cords $3000 obo.

also has a tool bag full of gagets i will post photo and let some one make an offer.

Value aside, you may kick up some interest with a location…city/state type of thing. Sometimes looking at them up close is helpful. JMO

I might be interested in all 4, provided you provide some details, e.g.,
Caliberation date
Date of purchase
Cords etc


Are you a scammer? No pictures but indeed you sent me an invoice. Do you believe in ethics or moral obligations? You think I would buy

without any due diligence?

She obviously has been granted membership. Perhaps by hardship. Benefit of doubt and a little decorum is warranted here. Tiana, let us know if we can help you get pictures of your items posted. We are sorry for your loss and realize this must be a stressful time for you.

Another inspector confirms. No phone, no record, no info, etc at either paypal or here ??? Benefit of doubt retracted.


That’s rich! :roll:

If you are sincere, please contact me and I can post pictures with prices for you.

Eric C. Van De Ven]( This message is hidden because evandeven is on your ignore list.

“Mission accomplished”

To the original poster, I suggest you add the following information to your post:
A valid email address and phone number.

It may also be wise that the powers that be, enact some simple rules for this section. Every message board I am a member of that has a classified section has these requirements.

  1. Items for sale
  2. Prices for items for sale
  3. Valid phone number
  4. Valid e mail address

Pictures are optional and some sites actually limit the number of pictures.

Those that fail to list the previous information have their posts removed immediately.

I am sorry for you loss.
The Fluke Ti 1 is no longer being manufactured.
160 X 120 focal plane array voice annotations and other bells and whistles are on the newer models and 2 year warranty included with no calibration for the same period of time.
You can find them at 2,500 and they will decrease.

The line now is Ti and Tir 100 series.
I mentioned this 6 months back.

Not trying to scuttle your sale but any inspector must understand about the technology as well as you maim and what is moving ahead in the market place today.
Fluke is going with Wireless Transitions between it’s Fluke instrumentation.

Your husbands camera was/is a solid Infrared machine.

All the best to you and your family.
We at InterNACHI feel sorry for his loss.
Robert Y.

Please sir. Control you attitude. An Intellectual attitude please.

I think its a fair question and people have every right to be suspicious of someone with 2 posts asking for $1600 for merchandise–grieving possibly but still took the time to post the ad and send an invoice but not enough time to send a picture. This smells like the same sort of thing that almost got me late last year. Are they from minnesota by chance?

This person Tiani Wright sold me all four of her Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitors she would not bother to return my emails or confirm an shipping tracking number. Lucky for me I did pay pal and a Credit card I call the credit Card and they stop payment and pay pal escalated the claim.

Re: equipment for sale

                                                                                   "FYI  She has been over on The Inspectors Journal trying  to sell tools as  well.  The admin of that site did some looking and  found her IP address  is Inspect Tools!  She sent an invoice to a friend  of mine and it had  Inspect Tools on it.  [some equipment for sale make offer - The Inspector's Journal Forums](

I would proceed with extreme caution…"

It is a scam 100%, Pay pal is investigation and has stopped her account.

Is she really a “member” and how do we report this? How can we get her information?

I went through Pay Pal and they are holding funds and will release them to me within the next few days.

Is there any way to find out her contact info, there has to be something if she is a “member” right?

So to clarify, this a scam from inspect tools?

Wow their website is down now. I almost purchased them the other weekend

Yes it is a scam…is that clear enough?..LOL

I got my money back from PayPal yesterday. :smiley: I’m wondering if Nick feels any responsibility for allowing a non-person to sell nonexistent equipment here?

She did become a member here as verified by Nick. :wink: