ICC code certification

What is the easiest code certification to obtain from the ICC?

I never took any ICC exams, but the easiest part of the IRC seems to be plumbing.



Less than 1% of all defects uncovered by home inspectors involve code deficiencies. Electrical is by far the one area where most code violations are discovered, but nearly all defects found by inspectors are of systems or components installed to code… everything just gets old and falls apart.

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In reference to becoming ICC certified nothing is “easy”.

Joe Burkeson and Greg Bell have developed a really nice program to help you receive your ICC certification.

If you are serious about training I suggest that you contact them.

Most inspectors here in Florida are getting their B1 (Building Inspector) certification. Ask Greg or Joe for sure!!!

lol…Well I can say if you are choosing to take the ICC Residential and/or Commerical Electrical Inspector Exams…just make sure you are proficient in flipping through your National Electrical Code Book…;)…If you do electrical work everyday it is not hard…if you only dabble in it…study.

30% goes to your own knowledge and experience, and the other 70% is in knowing where to find the information in a timely fashion. As other have mentioned give Greg Bell a call.

If you are taking the residential electric exam (E1) you would be much better off studying the electrical section of the 2006 IRC Code Book instead of using the NEC, everything you need to know is located in the IRC, the NEC covers a much larger portion of the code whereas the IRC only covers residential.

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Which one in your opinion would be the easiest to obtain? All I need is 1 code certification, it can be any of them.

In my opinion, the Building test was the easiest. Study the right books and get very familiar with the books.

They also offer a Property Maintenance/Housing Inspector cert that covers the IRC book. It is kind of like a warm up to the other inspector tests. Not too hard but gives you a good Idea of how to study for their tests.

Can you forward me some info on this?

Sure. hear you go http://www.iccsafe.org/certification/inspector/64.html
let me know if it doesn’t work.

You know, I think I am going to take a shot at this one. Thanks

Hi Frank,

You should start with your B-1. Then obtain any additional ones that you want. Send me an e-mail and I will send you some info.

I’m taking the B-1 next month.

What is the B-1 anyway/

Will you send me some help sheets?

Certification for residential building inspector. I have no help sheets, just a copy of the IBC, and IRC. I’ll bet there is an easier way of studying than what I am doing.:roll:

The IBC is used for the commercial test. The IRC is used for the residential tests. The B-1 and P-1 are the easiest of the four certifications.

You should be able to ace the B-1 with about 10 hours of study with the ACE Program.