ICC Certification - B1

During this slow time for me, I’m considering to obtain an International Residential Code B1 Certification. Hoping it can bolster my marketing campaign and/or meet minimum requirements to possibly land a municipal position.

Those of you who are ICC certified, was it difficult? Has it helped? Will I be wasting my time/money? Do you work for a city?

Also, does NACHI provide adequate education? Or are additional sources recommended?


Advanced Residential Code Inspection Exam Prep - InterNACHI

InterNACHI Residential Code Inspection Exam Prep Flash Cards

Answers and suggestions in blue above.

Manny just gave you, Mr. Carrillo, one of the best, if not THE best answers to your question that you could have hoped for.

Well done Manny! :smiley:


I plan on taking the week long ICC residential course this summer.

Not to change the subject or be a downer, but self employment is often a death knell for getting back onto a payroll…especially municipal. If you’ve been in business a while and you’re still slow, maybe also consider sales and marketing classes?

You can’t go wrong taking this course! If you want to get the most out of it then obtain a copy of the IRC and read it before then. While reading it start generating your questions and write them down. It’s a fast paced course so being prepared WILL help you learn better. Also once you register you might be able to send your questions ahead of time and they may have answers ready for you.

Being on payroll is often a death nail for self employment.

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Hear, hear! I just knew you were going to reverse that…and I agree. :slight_smile:

Yes sir, mutual exclusivity.

Great, I’m really excited about it. I’ve been going over the IRC for a while as time permits.

I was thinking this but wasn’t sure if I should say it.

It’s spring in Southern California. The market is hot right now. If you’re slow right now, I’d think you have some other deeper issues that needing a new certification.

On the other hand…

Part of your problem is likely proximity to a certain firm that likes to wow people with slick marketing and widgets, then do 1/2-rear end inspection and pray their widgets cover whatever they missed.

So, a new cert would certainly help you stand out above their slick marketing.

Nick, As in an actual class somewhere, or just an online thing?

Actual class. They are held on the east coast and in Brea. Obviously, I will be attending the Brea class. Starts in late August. 22nd thru 25th I believe.

I wasn’t sure either, but let’s face it. I have a university education in business and I still struggle with sales and marketing. Certainly meant no disrespect though.

I also hear about that firm all the time. I tell people you want McCafe or artisan espresso? I picked up one agent recently that said she got sick of having to “ask for a supervisor” all the time lol.