How to study for R5 Residential Combination Inspector Certification Exam?

Hello all!

I have taken and failed the B1 exam and after searching for studying materials on these forums, I have found just some flashcards that were not very helpful. I also bought the 2021 book, but I don’t know how I’m supposed to study since the questions are all very code specific.

I’m hoping some of you can provide what worked for you when preparing for the exams (listed below).

Feeling pretty aimless right now since I’ve completed and learned a lot through the InterNACHI programs, but they don’t prepare you for the code specific exams required to get certified in my state (Colorado)

Thanks in advance!

Prerequisite Exam/Certifications
|B1|Residential Building Inspector|
|E1|Residential Electrical Inspector|
|M1|Residential Mechanical Inspector|
|P1|Residential Plumbing Inspector|