ICC International Code Council Has Approved How to Perform Roof Inspections Course

ICC International Code Council has approved InterNACHI’s free, online How to Perform Roof Inspections Course.

InterNACHI… #1 in approved education: www.nachi.org/approved.htm


This is BIG NEWS!!!

ICC is the Premier Organization for building codes. For them to except your learning/training program is quite an achievement for InterNachi👍🏼

Keep up the good work! :ok_hand:

ICC has approved 28 of our courses: http://www.nachi.org/icc-safe-international-code-council-training-educational-courses.htm


Hi Nick!

I just clicked on the “link” that you provided and I want you to know that I am absolutely amazed and proud of what I saw.

I have been in this industry since 1972 and I want you to know that it takes a lot to impress me and or make me “speechless”.

I have been a member of this organization since 2003. My respect for you and and my respect for InterNachi has once again been “validated” and has gone through the roof!

Ashi and the other " show me your credit card" associations are light-years behind you and your staff!

Kudos to you and kudos to your entire staff!

Keep up the good work!:smiley:

I was just wondering what benefits through the ICC the approval gives us as members. I was thinking about joining the ICC as a member and was curious if any of our courses are acceptable in lieu of taking the ICC courses and tests.

It benefits members who are also trying to keep their ICC certifications. We have members of InterNACHI that are code officials or general contractors and need those certificates. They get to keep them conveniently online and for free because they are also members of InterNACHI.

Do you know if the ICC accepts our courses in lieu of other courses for ICC certification. Especially since our standards go well beyond the national code, LOL. I was also wondering what is happening with the contractors assn. I joined but a few of the pages do not load. Are you still running it?

Contractor Association is doing well. We’ve added a couple new articles. Of course it is nothing like the pace that InterNACHI operates at: www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm