International Code Council Approves InterNACHI's Free Advanced Electrical Inspection

InterNACHI’s free, online “Advanced Electrical Inspection Training Course” approved by the International Code Council (ICC). Insane.

Dumb question. Are these approved for CEUs for building officials since they are approved by the ICC?

Yes. Many building officials have to take ICC-approved CE which these are.

Are they free to them as well, if they are ICC members? How do they access them?

The courses are free and online for members of InterNACHI. ICC members can join InterNACHI and immediately receive unlimited access to the courses.

Ahh…okay. The wording was a just a bit misleading. Was going to “hook up” my contact in the building office. lol
Thanks Ben!

From the ad in the Newsletter…

The International Code Council (ICC) has approved InterNACHI’s free, online “Advanced Electrical Inspection Training Course” for InterNACHI members, ICC members, and ICC-certified individuals.

Take the free, online ICC-approved course.

Gregory, I’ll hook them all up. Have them email me at and I’ll give them all a free student membership to access all the ICC-approved courses. No charge.

Nick, you are too much. Really wasn’t looking for, or expecting that. I will pass it on!


I took the course, but for some reason never finished the the test so I could have the check mark on my list as completed. I need to go back and do that.

No rush. We keep track of every course you complete and every course you partially complete… for you.

4 hours is* nowhere near *enough time to detail specifics of every type of install’s compliance.


That’s just one of many courses we have approved by ICC.