May We Did 15,075

Just did my monthly bookkeeping. The business pulled in 15,075 down a bit from last month but hey I’ll take those numbers anyday. Guys 90% of my business is not realtors. Word of mouth is my #1 source then being #1 on major search engines along with my many reviews. If you’re main referral source is realtors I highly recommend seeking out the other piece of the pie called the internet. I have designed a 20 minute video which lays out in very easy steps how I took over top positions in my market on all major search engines. If you don’t believe my numbers call me I’ll bring you into my computer and show you my monthly spread sheet.

PS… Just brought on a 3rd soon to be inspector but helper for now and a marketing/office coordinator and I bought a new Kia Soul… I own 2 now (Works Very Well for The Business/Marketing) so now we have 3 vehicles (with lettering) on the road.

Awesome Billy, the sky’s the limit.

Yes sir it is. Do right for your customers and you will rocket in no time.

Billy, how many people is “We” ?

2 in may we inspect as a team.

Hi Billy, is it together or each?


You and a helper/inspector.

Well, since you’re putting numbers out there…

I’ve been averaging about 5k a week by myself.
Last week was a couple hundred over, this
week will be closer to 4K with the holiday.

Very nice Thomas.

Is that total revenue or profit?

Sweet Billy

We brought in 32k and if anyone wants advice they can call me for free.

Hope you boys are saving for taxes…

How many inspectors/helpers you running Juan?

My accountant keeps me on the straight and narrow! :wink:

That was one other inspector and one helper. I just hired another helper though so we can keep teams of two.

Thanks David! Taken some time and work to get here but it’s a sweet place to be. :smiley:

I still consider myself a newbie, but when I was brand spanking new, a lot of people helped me along the way. There are people who still help me everyday. The crazy thing was all the people who helped me in the beginning always said to just pay it forward. It’s stupid easy to get number one Google and we’ve been there for years. I’d gladly help anyone for free because I’m still new enough I guess to remember where I came from.

Don’t ever forget it as that’s whats making you now. Your numbers are quite impressive, good job.

Billy your a nice guy but you need to quit to bragging.

$15k is really not that impressive for 2 inspectors.

I still consider you a newbie also. :wink:

It looks like you are doing a great job.

Five and half years in, maybe I’m not a newbie but not a veteran either!

There are some inspectors I know that have literally been doing this since
the lates 1970s!