Ideal Sure Test Analyzer

Hi guys, I am a previous member that unfortunately stopped doing inspections. I have an Ideal sure test analyzer 61-165 for sale and wanted to post it here where I know someone will get use out of it. It is like new and works flawlessly, I bought it about 3mo. before I shut down. I’m asking $215. which will include shipping to anywhere in the US. You can see my add

If your local its only $200. If anyone is interested, just let me know.

Thanks and I miss the interactons here.


Why would anyone pay that much for a used one. I can get this one for $160.00 and free shipping.

another scam

If this is the real Tim Lower he truly was a home inspector and a member of Nachi, for a number of years. Haven’t seen him on here in a while but I do remember him.

The item for sale is the 165, not 155, $350 new. I don’t know the seller.