Identifying laminated safety glass

According to the State of Florida… shine a laser pointer at the glass from a 45 degree angle and you should see small ovals appear in the glass.

Has anyone tried this method?

I tried this in on my patio doors and french doors which are marked tempered glass and could not see anything obvious using a red laser pointer.

Anyone else?

Nope, I’ll give it a shot today and see what happens.

Mike your glass is just tempered rather than laminated, if the glass has plastic laminations in it the light will bounce of each layer.



I thought that might be the case. Thanks.

It should work on auto glass which is laminated.

i just tried it, saw the same thing on every piece of glass I tried, house or auto. Be careful it will reflect back into your eyes.

Did you see ovals? Supposed to shine it at a 45 degree angle according to them.