Impact window?

Would anyone care to comment on this particular window? Impact?
These are sliders from Sunshine Windows. I’ve attached two pictures. I believe they are but would like to be sure.





Looks like impact on the surface. What was the series # (should be a frame sticker)? Some of Sunshine products are not impact.

A lot of time heat strengthened is security or just stronger glass. I did not see anything that said laminated. Did you shoot a laser through it to count reflections?

I would think you are going to contact maker on those unless it is in the code and I just did not recognize it. Let us know

LSG on the glass…

Thanks guys.

Brad no stickers except for one and all it said was sunshine on it.

Mike, yes, LSG on all windows and French doors. Didn’t have my laser pointer with me unfortunately. But they do appear to be impact and the Realtor has stated in the mls they are. I’ll attempt to gain some paperwork. Also,wasn’t able to find a permit for them. The date clearly states 2007. There isn’t a permit pulled for this home since 2000 and that was for a swimming pool.

Thanks again.


Realtors are wrong often. here is some info I just found on the codes. I am not sure I “think” its just safety and not for storms. I would call them to verify Impact tested. Please let us know final result. below is what I found in bold:

LOGO information
DCA – Dade County Approved – when using DuPont Butacite interlayer.
Will read MDCA – Metro Dade County Approved – when using Solutia Saflex interlayer.
C. DGP – Cardinal DGP – SeaStorm PET product used
Will read LSG – Laminated Safety Glass – when using Butacite interlayer.
Will read Saflex when using Saflex Interlayer.
Will read SGP when using Sentry Glass Plus interlayer.
DCA C. DGP – SeaStorm PET
DCA LSG – SeaStorm PVB – Butacite interlayer
MDCA Saflex – SeaStorm PVB – Saflex Interlayer
DCA SGP – SeaStorm SGP interlayer
This line is optional and only used with impact products.

ANSI Z97.1 1984 – American National Standards Institute. Specific instruction testing and certification of
safety glazing products, 1984 edition. This instruction was updated in 2004, and will be reflected in the
logo as ANSI Z97.1 2004 soon.
16CFR1201 – Consumer Products Safety Commission instruction from the Code of Federal Regulations –
Chapter 16, section 1201 – dealing with safety glazing testing and certification.
CII – Category 2 safety glazing. Refers to specific application requirements for this particular product.
Category 2 is acceptable for any architectural glazing application requiring safety glazing – including
windows, doors, shower doors, etc.
Also can be CI – Category 1 safety glazing. Can only be used in specific applications such as windows and
doors with less than 9 sqft total glazing, and other specific applications that do not require CII
CLG-1 – Cardinal Laminated Glass, plant #1
1-06 – Quarter and year of manufacture.
SGCC – Safety Glazing Certification Council – Industry sponsored third-party certification program to
ensure that the requirements of ANSI Z97.1 and 16CFR1201 are met by participating manufacturers.
2464 – Specific SGCC certification license number for this particular product. All products certified under
the SGCC program are assigned a certification number.
U - Unlimited size. No limit on the physical size of the unit based on testing and certification requirements.
Can also be R – Restricted – if there is a size restriction on the product based on certification.
½ - Nominal thickness of the product. Can be in English or Metric notation.

I believe ONLY the stuff in yellow would be IMPACT RATED.

Thanks Mike. I’ll follow up.


I’m pretty sure I saw a NOA for butacite interlayer somewhere. I’ll Search again later for that.


I “think” what I have above is pretty clear that it is NOT an impact product. Realtors make that mistake constantly in my opinion. The reason I say not is because they state that impact rated has the stuff in yellow. Good Luck.

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No permit for complete replacement of all windows? You may want to verify that. If no permit, I would bet, someone got screwed. :frowning:

I apologize I got busy this afternoon. I did find a permit for the window replacement dated 2007. They can’t tell me over the phone any other details so I’ve asked my client to visit the town of Miami Lakes where this home is located to personally ask for documentation on the windows.

Thanks Eric.


Mike, I highlighted your quote and bolded in red the part I believe possibly applies here…
Then I searched for the product Solutia Saflex and its uses and found this…

The picture I’ve attached shows the MDCA logo preceeding the Dupont LSG. I’m inclined to believe it is impact rated after reading through the above information. I can be wrong of course and I will find out come next week when the client visits the City Building Department.

What do you guys think? Just trying to learn and promote useful information as always among us here.




I would have to say that since a permit was pulled, eventually, everything will be OK. Once they get all of the paperwork that goes with the permit, you should have all you need. I would include it in the report.

I agree. Just reading and learning from all you here. Thanks.


I have no doubt the glass is impact resistant, but I like to go further and submit the proper NOA for the product. You will usually get that information with the permit application, or the REQUIRED testing sticker on the unit that should have the series number on it. Some owners remove those for some reason or they just fall off.

I agree Brad. As far as the stickers, I know of lots of people who remove them and others simply fall off when. Cleaning. Come Tuesday it will get resolved though.