If you are in Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma or Pennsylvania

You might need a passport to fly inside the U.S.

Get this, the politicians in Missouri will not correct this because they feel releasing information to the government is wrong, but these same politicians do not discourage e-commerce which personal information is released to private companies all the time.

Got mine last month. :slight_smile:


And, get this… Minnesota has Law on the books that makes it illegal to particpate in this. Minnesota actually has to change state law to be able to comply with Real ID. We have been debating this fiasco for about two years now (that I am aware of) with no end in sight.

CA has been on the exemption list for several years. Personally, I do not use my driver’s license for travel or most cases where ID is required. I got a passport card when I renewed my passport a few years ago. I use it for ALL travel. My driver’s license is for driving Police and a rental car is where I use it.

Military ID