If you missed the convention, you missed quite a show...


Check out “Day 2 - Deanna Does the Crawl”

Pictures of Nick squeezing though coming up next.

Check it out! Nick strips down and does the crawl. The race is coming up next…




Just gotta know . . . are you the one taking the pics . . . or did they leave you back at the office to keep us all updated? ;-):wink:

PS - Wish I could have attended . . . planning on next year . . . thanks for the updates](“http://www.nachi.org/torontolive/”)

Chris shoots the pictures and hands the camera to me to get them on the site. Check out the “NACHI Staff Hard at Work” pictures - we’re updating it right here!



To John Bowman and Paul Hinsperger.
From my simple asking John to present my award to me at the Canadian NACHI Conference .
You helped turn this into a fantastic day for me, Chris Morrell and William J. Decker.
I thank you both and you, you have made me a very Very happy person.
My eyes where very damp last night .
Char and I sure are Pleased so proud of you guys and all of the NACHI members every where .
I counted 66 off the best inspectors in the world at the Dinner .
A special Thanks to all .
Char and Roy Cooke

Deleted to not interfere with Roy’s special moment.

All I can say is Thank you, thank you, thank you to Deanna, Lisa, Chris and all the IT team. All the ladies worked there butts off and Nick and the IT team put on a great critical class on inspectors web sits. Wahoo!!! for NACHI.

Deanna and crew! Nice job guys, wished I could have been there this year. Circumstances just would not allow it. Remember, always better than the last one. Sounds like you guys did a bang up job. Roy, sorry to miss your big night, you deserved buddy!:smiley: I hipe JB said Hi from us

Nice job guys


I just wanted to thank everyone who made the convention possible and those who made my attendance here possible, specifically Deanna, Krystal, Lisa, Chris, Tim, and Nick.

The seminars I attended were awesome, the vendors I had the opportunity to visit with were awesome, and the NACHI members (and others–they’ll be NACHI members soon–all will be assimilated–resistance is futile) were awesome. It was so refreshing to meet and visit with Will Decker; Roy Cooke, Ray Wand, Yuri Olhovsky, and all my Canadian friends (too numerous to mention, but thanks for all the goodies that you gave me), John Bowman, Chris Duphily, Jay Keany, Russell Buchanan, Paul Abernathy, et al., to meet and talk with so many people from so many different states and provinces, and simply put a face with so many great people.

My favorite seminar of the convention was the web site critiquing that Nick Gromicko, Chris Morrell, Tim Eaton, and I did. We had about 15 web sites and about 30 people in the room. As Rick Bates said to me, “Where else could someone get four different perspectives on marketing, search engine and code optimization, text editing, and design layout from four excellent people who know what they’re doing (even if I don’t know how to spell mathematics).” Hopefully we’ll be do many more of those. Those of you who attended that seminar, as Nick said, remember to let the NACHI masses know how we HELPed you.

For all of you who attended my marketing seminar, I hope I was able to HELP you see some things from a different perspective. Remember to send me that email. And I hope you “LYEATToronto Congress Centre.” If you didn’t feel free to email that to me also, or send it to me by snail mail (9205 Hillside Drive, Spring Valley CA 91977-2146). If you just can’t convince yourself to give it up, PLYEGOAH when you go to work, even if work is just 10 steps away through the door that leads to your home office.

Best wishes to all for health, happiness, peace, and NACHI prosperity.

POP. 2007: 10,000
All will be assimilated
Resistance is futile
POP 2008 (est.): 50,000

POP. 2007: 10,000
All will be assimilated
Resistance is futile
POP 2008 (est.): 50,000

As Russel say est 50,000 members for 2008 This we might not make but I do expect to see NACHI grow at a astounding rate .
It was a pleasure to see so many home inspectors and touch hands with them.
I think there was about 700 who came to the Conference ,
This by far was the largest group of Home Inspectors I have seen at any Canadian Conferences .
It was too bad that the Canadian Associations did not take advantage of the free Booths that where offered .
Bill Mullen was the only one who used this opportunity to talk about the CAHPI National Certification Project.
NACHI gave out NC information at the front desk and it was there for all attendees to get a copy.
We hope to do the same again Next year and I will be asking questions on this BB for feed back and ideas if you have any.
Please mail me any thoughts you have where we can make improvement
( Roycooke@sympatico.ca )

Well, I finally got home, after a 9 hour drive (30 minutes at the border) :mrgreen:

What can be said?

Great venue, great people, great educators and great students (most times, truth be told, teachers learn more from the students than they teach. Go figure.).

The overriding feeling was of fellowship, togetherness and common purpose. I had many people who I had never met come up to me and try to explain to me how much I have helped them. It is a great truism that this board, with all its flaws and sniping and (sometimes) pettyness is also a community, a public meeting and a university. It provides a closeness and a sense of common purpose that is truely a miracle. It provides family, at least within our chosen profession.

No one can hurt you more than your family. But, equally true, no one can list you up more than family. There is always two sides. But with families, the better side usually will prevail.

The really weird thing is that, when you come to a convention, you finally get to put a face and a body and a mind and a presence, in the flesh, to people who you already know so intimately.

My 13 year old daughter was looking over my shoulder when I was looking at some of the posts and at the pictures and reading as intently as I have been. She seems to know all or you already. She wants to meet Gerry and Keith (British people are so cool and speak so cool). She wants a hug from Roy (and Char!). She wants to play a game of chess talk about the Beatles with RR. She wants to debate web sites with Nick. She wants to discuss Star Trek with Tim. She wants to go shopping with Deana, Liza and Krystal. My older daughter (18, and I missed her Senior Prom to go to Toronto, but she told me, all serious and sober, that she 'totally understands, but will make me make me pay for it later!) wants to ask a few thousand questions from all the 'ol swabbies about wnat she can expect when she goes to Annapolis in a few months (She was beside herself when she finally got a look at what Chris looks like. Teenage girls. Go Figure :wink: ). My Mom (the Doctor) wants to have a long talk with John Bowman about his diet and smoking. They all want to come to the next convention and meet all these family members that they have know for so long, but have never met.

I am glad that I have had the privledge.


Glad to hear that you made it home OK and it was a pleasure meeting you!!

You are one of the guys who I have read (on this board) and respected and admired and had come to know.

Then I met you in person.

It is so weird. Community vs. Community.

AND, you even lent me a cigarette :shock:

Go figure.

I think there were a lot of connections made outside the front doors too. Many made in the bar also.

It was great to get to meet so many members. I read the board a lot but don’t post often. I am looking forward to working with RR on some ideas. I almost said new, but as RR has pointed out before, it’s all been done.


You are truly a wonderful man and it was a pure pleasure to see you get the award. Mr. Decker I am glad you made it home ok…as after the close call from you leaving the " drinking " session I was worried…:slight_smile:

Again you all were great and the convention was a huge success.

Here is what I missed.

My older daughter’s Senior Prom. This is the daughter that is going to The Naval Academy in about 3 weeks. The (man) is a college Sophmore, a totally great computer geek (read: GURU) and a true gentleman. A lot like a younger, un-bearded Tim Eaton, without Tim’s posture.

Can you say “Pretty in Pink”?

Besides, I threatened to kill him. :mrgreen:

I am so Freakin’ PROUD! G-d is good and gives us blessings. We just have to accept them.