The Conference In Toronto

The first thing I saw at the conference was the NACHI emblem, a spacship with rockets blasting high above a world of dinnosaurs. The floor of the conference hall was a bare slab, which would would have cost Nick $15,000.00 to cover, but nobody cared. In fact the only time that I noticed it was when Nick and Dee raced each other on a foundation crawler. Nick won, but Dee’s form was voted “best in show.” Can you imagine the founder of the largest home inspection industry in the world, removing his suit coat to scoot around the floor on his belly? Nick is inimitable, a man for all seasons, and that’s a fact. Once again I was reminded that NACHI is a family. I was welcomed so warmly by Roy Cooke that I’m still trying to figure out what I’ve done to please him, but was so grateful for his kindness that I gave him an autographed copy of one of my novels that I’d actually brought along to give to Nick. Slowly, I met person after person, and began to join smiling faces to what were once just names on a message board, Canadians Raymond Wand and Mario Kyriacou, and so many others too numerous to mention. My only surprise really was America’s Inspector of the year, Will Decker. He richly deserved the award, but I’d expected a slight, soft-spoken gentleman, and met instead a man who towered above me like the gentle giant that he is. You can see him in the picture towering above Roy Cooke. (That’s the young and handsome computer-prodigy Chris Morrell in the background, who my wife Jacki plotted to kidnap and bring home to our gorgeous twenty-two year old identical twin girls). But, back to what the convention means to its members besides fellowship. NACHI provides the best education available anywhere, and if you haven’t sat in on a seminar by members like Kenny Hart, you’re missing something special. Just two weeks after burying his beloved father, he’s shows up to share his gifts with others. This much is sure, NACHI’s family is growing and its star has not yet reached its Zenith. Promise yourself you’ll come to the next one and feel the fellowship for yourself.




I think many of us who were unable to attend this year have plans already made for attending next year - I for one look forward to rubbing shoulders with other inspectors who have willing and freely given so much to help other inspectors - I have truly been helped in all aspects of my business by others sharing and helping - no where else have I found so much than here at NACHI.

I can think of no other association of inspectors that I would want to join or be part of than here. From RR knowledge on marketing, Jeff Popes, Will Deckers and many many more folks with endless help and suggestions . . what a great place to be.

Now all I need to do is get to the next conference to meet lots of folks, shake hands and say thanks in person.

See you there, Michael.

2007 Convention Note of Interest…

Six country’s were represented at the convention.

Corrrected see post #8 below. Nine country’s. WOW…Planet NACHI

New Zealand

I enjoyed the convention and glad to have been apart of it.

Paul was one of many educators that I failed to mention, but he is an “electrical guru” to be sure, and a man with love in his heart, and I was delighted to finally meet him and confirm what was clear from having read his posts.

We had membrers from Canada, U.S., South Africa, Australia, Shenghai China, U.K., Bangladesh, South Vietnam, and Dubai.


It was a real pleasure to finally meet you and you lovely wife.!!!

We have to meet again and talk more about automobiles and SMOKING. You sir, Dr. Swift are a true gentleman and I hope to see you again soon.

After meeting Keith and Jackie, it is now obvious who keeps Keith in control and turns him into the perfect gentleman that he is. :margarit:

Within minutes of meeting Russel Ray, he was offering to help me, as he has been helping others since his first post. For those of you who were not in Toronto, the power was in the spirit of the event, people coming together in fellowship and sharing with one another. The place was alive with energy. Can you imagine the leader of any other organization stripping down to his tee-shirt and racing around the convention floor on a foundation crawler with only one thought in mind–winning? When Nature wants something done she creates a genius. NACHI’s star is still rising. Make NACHI proud.

I didn’t see the big deal. NACHI members crawl in crawl spaces (real ones, with bugs and cobwebs) all the time.

That doesn’t do justice to all of Mother and Father Nature’s other creatures that have to make the crawl space home: black widow spiders and their many relatives, snakes (they found a 14-ft python in one here a few years ago), raccoons, opossums, birds, lizards, and, if I remember correctly, even an alligator.