If you test windows and doors should you delay your Radon 48 hour test 12 hours?

So I completed the radon testing and there was one glaring thing that stood out; the premise should be in a closed environment 12 hours prior to starting the test. So if I am doing a proper home inspection and opening all the doors and windows I don’t think that would be considered a closed environment, so wouldn’t I need to wait 12 hours to start the test? I know that everyone seems to offer 48 hour test post inspection which to me seems like they aren’t performing the test per the training. Unless opening all the windows and doors briefly is still considered a closed environment. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.


What I do, and most inspectors that I know, is place the radon device at least 48 hours prior to the general inspection. Before starting the home inspection, I retrieve the device.

You are correct that opening and closing windows prior to placing the device violates the closed house conditions of 12 hours prior.


That is a great idea, don’t you get a lot of inspection request that come less then 48 hours?

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Not really. General I’m booked out 5 days.

You’re also in the driver’s seat when it comes to scheduling. Advise your client as to when you are going to place the radon device and schedule the home inspection accordingly.

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We cant leave test equipment prior to the inspection around my way. All it means is I add 12 hours onto the 48 hours minimum testing in the house and you are covered.

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Thanks for your feedback. I was wondering do you think it would be better to test for 60 hours or delay the test by 12 hours. It seems like if you add 12 hours it may bring the average down?

Check your State protocols about finding closed house conditions not being met.
With some CRM, you can set it to start 12 hours later.
Some States allow you to set other devices and add 12 others.
My State requires 12 hours of closed house prior to the test period.

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