Closed building conditions for Radon

I am new to the world of Radon testing and had a question. How does the inspection not disrupt the closed building standards required for Radon testing? I know in my area inspectors deploy after the inspection is finished, but during an inspection every door and every window are opened to ensure they are working as originally designed. So I am confused how this would be considered normal operation and still be an OK environment to conduct Radon tests. Any advice?

What Radon training have you taken? Or are you just going to “wing it”?

**Any advice **

Yes you need to take a recognised course all your question’s should be covered there .

Hi Kris, I’ve taken the course and passed my C-NRPP. Others might have different answers but what you could do is do a 60 hours test, that will cover your 48 hours and the 12 hours once your inspection is done. Start closed building condition requirement once your inspection is done.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for the reply guys! I have taken the two courses here and a waterborne Course as well but have not taken the NRPP test yet. But in preparation for the NRPP exam I am consistently going back over the material.
The main reason for the question is that I know of inspectors up here who collect the tests at 48 hrs after the inspection, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Better to ask questions now while I am still in learning mode.

You can also drop it off 48 hours before the inspection.

I found it is best to drop off the monitors 2 days prior to the inspection - then you can upload monitors at the inspection and have the results for your client at the inspection. Works great.

Get some training - too many states are over regulated for radon testing - but it can ba a great service for your clients.

I agree with Juan and DeWayne. Ensure closed conditions, drop it of before inspection, and retrieve when you get there - time it right of course. Does not slow down the process for everyone. Better service if you ask me…