Closed house conditions prior to radon testing question

I am wondering what other inspectors do to meet the 12 hours of “closed building conditions” prior to a 48 hour initial radon test. Do you A) Contact the “Responsible person” prior to the inspection, make them aware of the requirements and then have them sign a waiver/affidavit of adherence to the conditions, or, B)Do you add a 12 hour delay on the monitor making it a 60 hour test. I am finding it difficult and time consuming to do “A”, but I have had multiple realtors question me when I do “B”, saying “I thought it was a 48 hour test”. Please let me know what you guys are doing and what your thoughts are on this issue. Thanks.

‘B’ is the preferred method that Professional Testers use,

I NEVER simply state a test is “48 hours”. I state that “after the mandated 12 hour Closed House requirement, the test duration runs a MIN of 48 up to 96 hours MAX.”

I also include either my State or the US EPA consumers brochure for their questions to support my statements. Yes, I also leave a copy for the Homeowner!

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