If you use InterNACHI's "Call Me Now" buttons and miss a call, you can see your log.

Call log access at the top of https://www.nachi.org/call_button.htm

Good reminder, I have not missed a call yet, but good to know. Last week someone pushed the button and I got the call… I called the guy and he says “WOW! that was fast I just pushed the button”. :lol: Booked the inspection too. :lol: :lol:


Out of the 8 individual phone numbers on my “Call Me Now” log, 8 inspections were booked.

100%… What a great tool.

That feels good. Thank you again, Nick.

very nice

Nick, Here are the French Translations so our guys can also use them:

Have me call you Je vais vous contacter.

Please call me right away.** S.V.P. me contacter immédiatement.**

Call me now. Contactez-moi tout de suite.