Just booked an inspection

Just booked an inspection by way of “Have Me Call You” button on my website by someone who found my website through InspectorSeek.com !:smiley:

Thanks InterNACHI

P.S. He didn’t think I would call until Monday!?

Way to go David. Good things happen to good people. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeff. Will I see you at this months meeting? Speaker is Rep. from Gastite talking about CSST.

Sounds like a great presentation. I will be out of town taking a thermography course next week. Looking forward to the April meeting.


Same here! Just booked one for Tuesday from Inspectorseek.com! NACHI rocks!

I would sure be great if the app sent us a text instead of leaving a message or calling. Sometimes I answer not realizing it is the app and I may be in an attic or somewhere without a pen. I would sure love it if we could choose to get a text instead.

Hint, Hint, Hint :slight_smile:

I got a phone call and an email. Text would be great too though.

David, are you sure it wasn’t because you offer free recall check and 90 day warranties? :stuck_out_tongue:

Never heard of these. Please tell me about them.:roll:

Booked an IR inspection with that button. Not the first or last. It works!

Awesome. Staff works pretty hard to keep the consumer traffic flowing to your individual websites: http://www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm