Illinois radon Bills.



From the IHIA, concerning these bills:



I am pleased to announce that we have had tremendous success in working with Greg St. Aubin, Director of Governmental Affairs for the IAR, and Rep. Dan Reitz to create a Radon Awareness Bill. Senator James Clayborne, Jr. has indicated he will sponsor this Bill in the Senate. I will not bore you with all the details of the negotiations but there have been many hours and lots of effort in getting this accomplished. Calvin Murphy, with DuPage Radon Contractors along with Dalas Jones, with Radalink, Inc. have devoted many hours in promoting the creation and passage of this Bill. In order to view the Bill go to and click on HB1425. There are indications the Governor likes this Bill and will sign it into law.

John Dunn
Executive Director
Illinois Home Inspectors Association

The Illinois House passed both House Bills 1425 and 1660 today. Both bills passed unanimously. HB1425 creates the Illinois Radon Awareness Act and HB1660 designates January as Radon Awareness Month.

Will, who influenced the sponsors of these bills? Send them over to Wisconsin.:wink:

Mr. John Dunn, the Executive Director of the Illinois Home Inspector Association ( This association is not part of any other national association. It’s members (including me) are from all the national associations and work together. It is a political action group that believes that the political interests of all home inspectors are pretty much the same, regardless of association.

This bill will bring much more business to inspectors who are also Radon licensed (Radon testing licenses are required in Illinois).

As Mr. Reagan said, “It’s surprising what can be accomplished when you don’t care who gets the credit.” I think it’s great when inspectors, regardless of national association, can get together, agree on something and work, together, to get it done.

(This bill will bring much more business to inspectors who are also Radon licensed)

How is this bill going to bring more Bus. to radon testing? The home owner is not required to get there property tested. I have been telling my clients about it all long.

Are there significant costs associated with forming and maintaining such an association? Here in Wisconsin, we could use such a non-partisan organization to get beneficial (to both inspectors and the public) legislation passed. I don’t feel it is our state NACHI chapter’s business to do so, for we would automatically face resistance from “rival” organizations and we would have less credibility for appearing to have an agenda (like the state home inspector organization that does so but is handcuffed with political bickering, bureaucracy and a lack of direction). Our state is overdue for some legislative reform!:mrgreen:

Sure, a good home inspector advises the client about the possible problems with Radon, but if legally mandaded disclosures are given to both the seller and the buyer, by the Realtor (and the inspector can hand them out as well, brochures are available, free, from the IEMA) the possibility of there being a problem will be reinforced. The more you inform and educate, the greater the possibility that the parties will want testing.

I predict it will.

These “coalitions” are being formed as offshoots of ASHI chapters throughout the country.

In states still free from licensing controls, they masquerade as “coalitions” but are always headed by ASHI chapter presidents pushing ASHI’s national agenda. In Missouri, it is called MAHI.

Because everyone will be aware of it and will have some form of “education” on it. Probably won’t result in a massive tide of extra radon tests but should guarantee more demand.

Clients are probably skeptical when you advocate testing because they assume that “radon isn’t that bad, he’s just making it sound bad because he wants more $$$ for the test.” Hopefully by getting the information on radon from an “unbias source”, more clients will take the facts seriously. Houses literally suck in radon, radon causes lung cancer and radon is affordably mitigated. Hopefully that pamphlet makes that message clear.

The Illinois Home Inspector Association was formed by inspectors from all the associations (as well as independants) who recognized that the bickering and slanted legislation was counterproductive. Sure, the associations lobby in state legislatures, but these efforts are seen by many to be biased.

An un-biased association (not for profit, for lobbying only, membership open to all) is better. The IHIA members are home inspectors, but there are also associate memberships for people (radon testers, Realtors, code inspectors, any one with an interest in the home buying / selling process).

The IHIA worked with the state executive director of the IAR on this. Compromise and working together are essential. This bill greased through primarilly because we were all working together.

What a concept.

Are there any more legislative reforms in the works, Will?

This may be true in some areas, but not in this group. I am a Charter member and on the board of directors (as are ASHI, NAHI members and indepenents). We are all involved in the decisions and the process. The one thing that we have in common is the idea that these, so called, “inspector association wars” are pointless, make the industry look bad and are conter productive.

The NAR is a much larger association, and better funded. They are already in your state and weild a great deal of influence. Do you want Realtors doing all the lobbying for home inspectors?

When you stop to think about it, the interests of all HIs are about 99% in common, regardless of what national association they belong to.

I know that you, Jim, and others would like to believe that this is all just one more big ASHI conspirinsy, but that is just not the case. You are welcome to come to the meetings and see for yourself.

The IHIA also confers with Nick and John Bowman on these matters. Are they just ASHI stooges? :wink:

Why do you think Nick posted this?

You are as entitled to your opinion as to the value of your “coalition” as anyone else, but yours is no more valid than anyone else’s.

They are shams in Florida, Missouri and New Hampshire.

Good point Will and thank you for your time and efforts.

They don’t sound like a sham and there is already an Illinios licensing system in place. However, I hear that the coalition is primarily ASHI and has an ASHI guy for a president. Please Mr. Decker, insure that this doesn’t become another one of these sham coalitions that Bushart is speaking of.:expressionless:

I agree, Jim.

But, I would add, it is not fair or honest to paint everyone with the same brush. I don’t know about Florida, Missouri or New Hampshire. I do know about Illinois.

I was just replying to your implied assertion that the IHIA is an ASHI front. I am involved with it and I can assure you that, at least in Illinois, this is not the case.

Whether you choose to believe me or not is up to you.

But, I would point out that the proof is in the doing and this bill helps all Illinois HIs, not just the ones in ASHI.


I and other would like to see the proof that this Illinois Home Inspector Association is not a ASHI back group. Also who are you all to make any decision for the home inspector in Illinois no one ask me or other want we think about want the associations is lobbing in state legislatures for. Who are the member an want Assoc. due they belong to?


Isn’t your “coalition” led by an ASHI chapter president?


  1. What kind of proof do you want? I attend the meetings and talk to the guys. If you don’t believe me, what will you believe?

  2. We “are you all” members of the Illinois Home Inspector Association, an incorporated, Illinois corporation, that has an open membership to all Illinois licensed home inspectors. Under Illinois law, the membership is ‘you all’. Here is the link to our web page: All the information is there. In fact, our executive director called you (If I am not mistaken, a couple to times) and you didn’t want to talk to him. In fact (as I heard it) you (and another) tried to file a complaint against him (which came to nothing). If you had just asked, the information is freely available. No big thing.

  3. We are members of the Illinois Home Inspector Association (just like the web site states). Or members set the agenda, through the directors.

  4. Ken, you really need to use the spell and grammar checker more.

Hope this helps.