Illinois Senate Bill to Affect Home Inspectors

97TH GENERAL ASSEMBLYState of Illinois2011 and 2012

Introduced 2/9/2011, by Sen. Pamela J. Althoff

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Amends the Home Inspector License Act and the Regulatory Sunset Act.

Permits the Department to disclose information and documents related to an examination or investigation of a licensee or applicant only to law enforcement officials, other regulatory agencies that have an appropriate regulatory interest as determined by the Secretary, or a party presenting a lawful subpoena to the Department.

Provides that any formal complaint against a licensee filed with the Department or an order issued by the Department against a licensee or applicant shall be a public record.

Allows the Department to take action, including imposing fines not to exceed** $25,000 per violation**, if the individual meets the requirements for grounds for disciplinary action.

Grants the Department authority to petition the Attorney General or local State’s Attorney office where a violation occurs to enjoin the violation or order enforcement compliance with this Act.

Provides that, on a showing of a possible violation, the Department may compel an applicant or a licensee to submit to a physical or mental examination.

Repeals provisions concerning the** Home Inspector Advisory Board**.

Creates peer review advisors that the Department may authorize to investigate complaints, revise the licensing examination at the direction of the Department, review training and qualifications of applicants, and interview witnesses, the complainant, and any licensees involved in an alleged matter.

Provides the Department the authority to issue subpoenas, administer oaths at Department hearings, or petition the circuit courts to order the attendance and testimony of witnesses.

Makes other changes.

Amends the Regulatory Sunset Act to extend the Home Inspector License Act from January 1, 2012 to January 1, 2022.

Effective immediately.

It just really bugs me why all of these lawmakers have a “beef” about home inspectors. They should go after the source, which are home builders, contractors, and agents.

Nine of us were told by a Missouri legislator last winter that “It is not about what is right or wrong. It’s about who has the money.”

Follow the dollar back to the real estate associations and you will find those who want to control our industry.

It started with a minor law in Illinois that was hardly nothing. Take a course that teaches a test, pass the test, buy a license. Pretty simple.

Now, the updated law will eliminate the home inspector advisory board…will allow the state to hand pick competitors of yours to investigate any claims against you and decide your guilt and decide upon whether your license should be renewed or not…will make their investigation, good or bad, a matter of public record…allow them to collect $25,000 in fines from licensed inspectors…and will empower them to require you to pass physical and mental examinations which, by this law, will also be a matter of public record if it is part of an investigation.

No matter how simple or benign it first appears…government control over your profession is never a good thing for your profession.

Can you spell Kangaroo?

Can you guess where the funding for this is going to come from in a State that is insolvent?

Or for you.

Illinois has a worse financial situation than Greece. They are totally broke. I don’t think IL should be passing any legislation unless it disbands entire agencies of the state government.

Isn’t Bushfart all for HI licensing in his own state?

Why yes he is. :roll:

Sen. Althoff named a “Guardian of Small Business”
Citing her strong support of the small business community, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has named State Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry) a “Guardian of Small Business.”

Must be true as she is after all a Republican.

Yeah. I thought for sure she’d be a dopey Dem.

This assignment members is D controlled which is reason most of this Bill will never pass. :wink:


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Then there better be another bill. Your current law expires on 12/31/11. I don’t think those collecting revenue, D or R, are going to let that happen.

This one may be passed, but I’m sure not without alteration.

We will see very soon.

A mental evaluation? Poor Linas!
At least if Linas is locked up in a funny farm, Bob’s stalking problem will go away.:mrgreen:

Yeah but once they test me I may be along side him sharing a bunk.LOL

You will then be known as Bobby. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mental and physical examinations? Heck, all they need to do is take us to the airport. Lawmakers need to go first.

Better hurry. I think the lobbyist who bought this bill might beat you to it.?:wink:

I’m keeping the bunk warm Bobbie. Make sure you borrow fat azz Braun’s jammies with the slit in the rear.:shock:

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