New Bill to require sewer scope inspections on all homes sold in Illinois.

If that bill passes it would be great in my opinion. But I doubt if it will. Though the plumbers union is strong throughout the majority of the state.

“inspected by **a licensed plumber **using video camera inspection technology”

Would you like me to have the Bill amended to read “inspected by a licensed plumber or licensed home inspector…” ?

Please do.

OK. I’m trying to get a few appointments with legislators in IL.

I doubt that would ever be allowed.
The new law would actually harm Inspections as Plumbers would all be doing Home Inspections.

You can not become a Plumber unless you know Somebody.

No, I don’t want to have to start offering sewer scopes to compete with all of the low ballers out there. IMO it would add too much additional time to the home inspection.

I believe a licensed plumber, or other qualified individual, should do it. Just because you are a licensed home inspector doesn’t mean you know how to do a sewer scope.

Agreed ,especially in Chicago with all the Catch basins and twisted old drains that can crumble and add to liability.
We might as well be building new decks and fixing roofs while we are at it.
What …are we supposed to be doing Contractors work now.
OK add we need to dismantle and scope furnace ex-changers as well.

Plumbers will end up doing them all either way. Do you know how many plumbers there are for every home inspector?

I use a subcontractor for sewer scopes. I just used them on a property and between trying to find an accessible cleanout, getting the equipment set etc. they were on site for an hour and a half.

Nothing against you finding a way to make extra cash Andrew but feel it a conflict of interest to recommend a service then take kickbacks or hire out a sub to do the job.

IMO not much different from fixing issues you find .

Bob, how is using a sub-contractor “taking a kickback?”

Why not hire an expert in sewer scoping, instead of pretending that I know what a good/bad sewer looks like. Using your logic there would be no general contractors.

Edit: Its not about making extra cash, its about providing a service to a paying customer who needs something done.

Whenever I see an issue I have a local company I recommend to my clients the does inspections only of these lines, no repairs so no conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest.

This is NOT something a home inspector should be doing unless you were a Plumber in your previous life, have the proper equipment and know what you’re doing. That doesn’t fit the bill with most Inspectors because most plumbers make a really good living, as plumbers.

Agreed. We are already responsible for enough sheet :wink:

I bet Realtors will never let the bill take the floor.

I think WE should be responsible for everything,
Light bulbs that burn out within the first 20 years, grass that grows, weeds that come up, snow that falls, lack of rain, to much rain fall, clouds in the sky, wind that blows,
Yep, everything,

Just my opinion,