Update on Florida Licensing

All, HB-713 just passed through its last committee stop with a favorable vote. Representative Workman changed language in the bill to allow contractors who are also home inspectors to offer repairs on homes that they inspect. As you know, this is a direct violation of all professional inspector associations’ codes of ethics. This amendment by Rep. Workman effectively creates two sets of rules in the home inspector license- one set of rules for the professional home inspector that abides by industry standard code of ethics and another set of rules for the home inspector/contractor that does not abide by a code of ethics. This amendment will harm our profession and will surely harm the consumer that the law was allegely designed to protect. This amendment will legally sanction contractor/home inspectors to offer loss leader home inspections and then make up the fee on the back end with repair work. This will surely harm professional inspection firms that abide by industry standard ethics principles.

Probably some old NAHI inspectors are pushing it . Go get’em, Nick!

maybe industry standards are changing. As a home inspector who’s pursuing my FGC license, I don’t see much issue accept for more competition. I shop at super walmart/sams club for the 2 birds with one stone mindset. I have seen and read inspection reports from home inspectors that would make your ***** pucker. Bad eggs smell and reputation is king. I’m not knocking your openion, just not sure I understand how much this bill/law will affect our profession. Notice i’m no longer a member of any HI association because in reality it means nothing, licensed and ensured = open for business, reputation and referrals come from satisfied customers and that means everything.

E-Mail Representative Ritch Workman at


and tell him how you feel about it. Tell him to remove it from the bill. My understanding is that this was added on because a GC convinced him it was a good idea. Now let’s all convince him that it’s not!