I'm giving a CSA Standards of Practice meeting update in Calgary next week.

We’ll do it right before we get knee deep into inspector marketing. See ya there: www.InspectorBoost.com

Smooth move glad for all our Alberta Friends .

Toronto next month: www.InspectorBoost.com

I sure wish I could go but I can’t get even a weekend off!
Go get em Nick!

Shh Nick - what about that agreement?

As discussed, the notes are confidential, so please use your utmost discretion in conversations with your industry or association.

Wear a cowboy hat Nick.
You’ll fit right in.
All the best.
Say hello to Vern.
Hell of a nice guy.
Use to be an accountant. HA HA HA.
Just kidding Vern.


Roy Cooke was the first Canadian member to meet you.
Roy played chauffeur, personal fill-in and more.
Be nice if you got Roy to the Toronto’s dew Nick.
Kevin Wood and Roy Cooke are Canada’s oldest members.
I think their attendance would be fitting such an occasion.

All the best.

Have to keep sitting at home and hope that the phone will ring?

I had planned to go to Toronto, but have to attend another course the week of Oct.15-19.

I can’t wait to see Roy again. I’m really looking forward to coming to Toronto.

Sounds like what 80% of the HI’s that do not market themselves properly do.
I go out just the same.:wink:
Thanks for the promotional entrance Chris.

I know for a FACT he is happy to hear that Nick.
He reminisces often over the phone about those days.
When you and he opened the roads for individuals like myself.

I am going to try my best to be there also.
Like to see some of the faces I chat with on the MB.
All the best Nick.