Nick and InterNACHI booth at Carson Dunlop Conference in Toronto on March 1-2, 2014.

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Hope I can get there.
Love to see other homies.

They speak English in Ontario?

Carson Dunlop graciously offered us a free booth. Roy Cooke is going to help man it.

Can’t beat that deal!

See you there! Ontarioachi has a booth as well!

Bloody down right civil of them.
Great to pick up the invitation Nick.
See if you can reciprocate one day.

C&D are always a Canadian till the end I’d say.
Maybe even Brit or from mother England, right Lenard?
Could you pass the scans and tea please.

Hope to see you there Scot.

See you there.

Hopefully the bad weather breaks by then.

It will be like old times. You and Roy talking it up to the homies as they listen…

I personally will be honored to meet you.

Hope the phone keeps on ringing so I can raise the funds.
Booked until Tuesday the 4th with 2 days off.

I did not mean to leave you out Nathan.
Be a great pleasure as well.

As a fairly new Inspector, I would love to offer my services (if needed/wanted) to help man the booth at the event.
I know I don’t have the experience/knowledge that others have, that have been in the business for years, but I can help answer questions from a newbie perspective that new inspectors may have about InterNACHI.

I can be the runner/coffee/errand boy for the vets that are running the booth.
Really it is so I can be around the people I look up to in the business, Nick, Roy, Kevin, Robert, Scott, Nathan, and a large list of others.
I have seen many posts from all of you that have helped me so far in this business so I would be great to work alongside of you if possible.

I can be there for load-in, set up, and tear down. I am very familiar with conventions and events having worked many before (even at this site at the International Plaza) with a special events staging company.

Thank you,


WOW!!! Quite an energetic offering. :slight_smile:

Roy, a hard man to say no to.

Jeremy Brett, if I know Roy Cooke, and I do a bit, methinks he will fit you in somewhere.
I have yet to see a Canadian member more focused on helping aspiring homies like yourself.

Get ready if/when they do cooperate. You will be the richest member there:-)
Psst, he likes to recount his starting up and meeting Nick at the air port and how they energized the audience as they keep homies spell bound talking about NACHI and the educational side of this grand association.
Man oh man I got to get there as well.

I hope many Canadian homies make the ride.

Roy, he remembers me of someone I once knew in his first year of tender in NACHI.
Whom was that little devil and voistrice rascal that could barely spell and still has a hard time with spelling, and being succinct?

That is a great offer Jeremy.

Next week I may be able to help as well Kevin and Roy.

I will not know until I get several more HI’s under my belt.
Lost 2 inspections this week but 2 more booked for next week and one insurance inspection.

Always willing to help.

I’m bringing at least one staffer too. It’s going to be a blast. Let’s all brainstorm while we’re together.

Great idea!

A great idea Nick.

I envision Provincial chapters all members are required to join.
It units us and creates a base.
Love to hear some ideas on that.

Vern started the ball rolling. Now OntatioACHI.

Quebec has a provincial chapter. I ask all members to join in solidarity…
Quebec Chapter.

Warning: you have to stop and feed Nick every now and then. H works for food, you know.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks guys!

If anyone is coming from out of town and wants to save on a hotel I can offer a bed and 2 couches to help out. My place is about 15 mins away from the venue. PM me if you’re interested.



We’re staying at the hotel the convention is in. We get in late on Feb 28 and leave the afternoon of March 3.