Nick Gromicko and Mike Crow are coming to Toronto!

This is really fantastic! I invited Nick to my birthday, on Aug.14th, and not only is he coming, but he’s bringing another friend, named Mike Crow, along. Every one of you within driving distance, should try to make it…; NOT TO MY BIRTHDAY, but to see and hear what these two have to share. What a dynamite team! For those of you out there who aren’t making a six figure income; Mike will tell you, and show you how to accomplish that, and much more. He’s a millionaire home inspector, with a heart. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. We should really rally around Nick, and help him for all we’re worth, to establish InterNACHI here in Canada. This guy has a dream…a vision…and I for one, want to be a big part of it. I understand that if we have a dream or great vision of success; helping someone else fullfil theirs, will bring yours about as well.


I will be there! BTW My birthday is on the 18th of August.

How young will you be on the 18th, my friend?

BIG 50! Did I just say [type] that?

Mario, that’s 40 with 10 years experience

Mario; you’re still a baby! I’ll be sixty-one on the 14th; so there, youngster. Nevertheless; there’s hardly a day goes by, when I’m not still


I sometimes feel older than you brother!


I really want to believe that!:cool: