I'm selling all my gold mines. I'll accpet almost any ridiculous offer from a member.

I’m selling all my gold mines and thought I’d offer them to members first.

If any InterNACHI members is interested in any of my gold mines, I’ll sell to InterNACHI members for way less than what I have them listed for (so don’t pay attention to price).

InterNACHI members can basically make up their own terms, nothing down, 0% financing. Whatever you want.

I have not advertised these yet. I thought I’d see if any members are interested first.

I’ll likely accept any silly-low offer from any InterNACHI member.

If you buy one and later decide you don’t want it, I’ll buy it back from you and put it back up for sale.


I guess it would pay to know a little about mines.

Hey Drew, this one has your name all over it.


Any one of those mines and a nice gold detector is a better time than Disney World any day IMHO. :cool:

Is it time to jump off the gold bandwagon Nick??

The gold boom hasn’t even begun. And silver is going to go parabolic in 2012.

I can see silver leaning more into the market for a push.
It all depends upon European Union.
Give me the scoop on the mines Nick.
I followed a bit about it last year when you mentioned your mine holdings.
As Kate to Email me some information please.

Nick - I believe that most (me included) do not know the value of what you are offering. I would think that these prices are OUTSTANDING, but I have no idea about mining or even if I have to know something about mining.

Seems like a great investment for the right person and it seems you are being more than generous with your terms. I just wish I knew more about what your offering…

Can yo hunt on a gold mine? Can’t eat gold.

I think you should sell me the Ernst mine for $100 just because.

$14.75 with 50% down and balance financed and paid for out of January and February’s home inspection income of Gary Farnsworth & myself.

I just forwarded all this info down to my dad and his partners. They’ve been in Barranquilla, Colombia SA for the last month securing 2-3 gold mines. I believe they’ve already got over 1.5 million invested in just securing the mines alone.

From what I’ve been learning from listening to him, you definitely gotta have some investors with some deep-*** pockets if you plan on commercially mining gold, however, return on investments is incredible!!

He should give me a response within 24 hrs so I’ll be back.


I have 240 acres in Florida if you would like an investment. It would help the local 120 acre gun club. Let me know what you think. We need a financier.

ill give you 150$ for royal tunnel #3

deerfield beach…
been here all this week
nice place to visit…

Jim Rickards - US to go to War with Iran, Oil & Gold to Spike

DECEMBER 30, 2011